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WORK+SHELTER Lace Striped Sweaters ’

Meet the New and Improved W+S Lace Striped Sweater!

Me and Theresa in our Matching Sweaters!

Me and Theresa in our Matching Sweaters!

Download now for $5! On Friday 11/18 it goes back up to $7

In February of 2012 I originally launched this pattern as WORK+SHELTER Lace Striped Sweaters. Today I’m relaunching and naming it after my friend and W+S founder Theresa VanderMeer. Since 2012, W+S has grown from a side passion project of Theresa’s to her full time job. What started as just a few women knitting my patterns to sell to boutiques as turned into many, many women on industrial sewing machines creating a full line of products for large and small businesses all over the world. I’m so proud of Theresa and am so happy to be able to support her as a friend and by working with W+S.

Just like W+S has grown over the years, this pattern deserved an upgrade. The big changes I made were to add a smaller size (31” bust) and a schematic. I adjusted the neckline width of the smaller sizes to make them more comfortable. There are also modification notes for doing an elbow length sleeve, as well as colorblocked and striped options.

Thanks again to everyone who has purchase this pattern in support of W+S through the years!

Theresa's Winter Sweater with Elbow Length Sleeve Modification

Theresa’s Winter Sweater with Elbow Length Sleeve Modification

Finished Size 31 (36, 41, 46.75, 52) bust circumference. Winter Sweater with colorblocking modification on Allyson shown in size 36 in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, Winter Sweater with elbow length sleeve modification on Theresa shown in size 31 in Unplanned Peacock Studio Superwash Merino Worsted.

Me in my Color BlockedWinter Sweater!

Me in my Color BlockedWinter Sweater!

Winter Sweater Yarn Any worsted weight wool yarn. I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. 110yds/50g: White, 7 (8, 10, 13, 15) skeins.

Summer Sweater Yarn Any worsted weight cotton yarn. I used Knit Picks Comfy Worsted, 75% Pima Cotton, 25% Arcylic. 109yds/50g: Ivory, 5 (6, 7, 9, 10) skeins.

Theresa in the new 31" bust size

Theresa in the new 31″ bust size

Needles Size 9 (5.5 mm) 24-36” circulars (cir) for body, 16” cir for shoulders and neck, and DPNs for sleeves, or size to obtain gauge.

Notions Tapestry needle.

Gauge 18 sts and 20 rows – 4” in St st.

Download now for $5! On Friday 11/18 it goes back up to $7

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#TSOLKAL is Over! Check Out all These Great FOs!

Congrats to everyone who finished a project during my knit along! I had a fantastic time knitting along with everyone and watching your projects come together, so let’s see them all together!


kparise’s W+S Lace Striped Sweater

sweatshopoflove's Block Island Sweater

sweatshopoflove’s Block Island Sweater

FionaeHarvey's Bristlecone Pullover

FionaeHarvey’s Bristlecone Pullover

kjbanman's Baby Sweater Buffet

kjbanman’s Baby Sweater Buffet

mamatronic's Liaison Tee

mamatronic’s Liaison Tee

stefaniegrrr's Excelsior

stefaniegrrr’s Excelsior

eimc's Baby Sweater Buffet

eimc’s Baby Sweater Buffet

JanuaryYarns' Ridgewood Reversible Shawlette

JanuaryYarns’ Ridgewood Reversible Shawlette

yondercrawdad's Heraldry

yondercrawdad’s Heraldry

JanuaryYarns' Block Island Pullover

JanuaryYarns’ Block Island Pullover

dnice515's Only Way to Scarf

dnice515’s Only Way to Scarf

mmisissi's Baby Sweater Buffet

mmisissi’s Baby Sweater Buffet


Find these projects on ravelry here, from top to bottom: kparise’s W+S Lace Striped Sweatersweatshopoflove’s Block Island PulloverFionaeHarvey’s Bristlecone Pullover Kjbanman’s Baby Sweater Buffetmamatronic’s Liaison Teestefaniegrrr’s Excelsior,  eimc’s Baby Sweater BuffetJanuaryYarns’ Ridgewood Reversible Shawletteyondercrawdad’s HeraldryJanuaryYarns’ Block Island Pulloverdnice515’s Only Way to Scarf, and MmeSissi’s Baby Sweater Buffet.

I’ll be dishing out grand prizes this week, so keep your eye on my ravelry group to see how they are handed out. Thanks so much again to those of you who knit along with us! I can’t wait to knit together again soon.

TNNA Recap!

I’m back in Chicago after attending TNNA for the first time this weekend. It was a crazy whirlwind of talking knitting and design with a ton of designers I admire, talking yarn with dyers I love, taking classes about the industry, and drinking. Yeah, it was a lot of all of that.

Me Rocking Nachtflater!

Me Rocking Nachtflater!

Outfits were one of the hardest parts of preparing for the trip obviously! Friday night I attended a Designer’s Dinner rocking a Holla Knits design – Nachtfalter by Stefanie Pollmeier, in Masi|Knits Bottoms Up. It was a big hit! The design is fantastic AND the color is amazing and eye catching! I was convinced I couldn’t wear that color with my pink skin, but kept being told that it looked great, so I got over it.

Cute Girl Squares!

Cute Girl Squares!

The second day I chilled and didn’t wear anything I made, which is what a lot of the designers were doing, so I’m kind of glad I took a day off from pimping to blend into the crowd a little bit! But the third day I was back at it with a new design that hasn’t even come out yet! Here I am rocking my new pattern for the soon to be released Holla Knits Crochet Collection! But more on that soon.

Me and Hilary!

Me and Hilary!

Monday I left the show at 10:30, so I spent the morning running around saying goodbye to everyone! Wearing my 3 color WORK+SHELTER Lace Striped Summer Sweater, of course. Here I am with The Yarniad designer Hilary Smith Callis! We talked a lot of baseball all weekend, with Stacey Winklepleck at Knit Picks. Our baseball talk cleared the bar every time!

Rohn Stron, Teresa Gregorio, and Alison Green

Rohn Stron, Teresa Gregorio, and Alison Green

One of the most important things to do in Columbus is eat as much Jeni’s Ice Cream as you can. And there were 2 within walking distance of the convention center, so eat ice cream we did! Designer Rohn Strong, and designers and my roommates for the weekend Teresa Gregorio and Alison Green, and I made it through the Columbus Pride Parade on Saturday to get some ice cream for lunch.

Me and Teresa!

Me and Teresa!

And Teresa and I got one more pic before leaving Monday morning.

TNNA was basically awesome. We all kept referring to it as knitting summer camp for adults, because we just knit and talked knitting, and were hanging out with our modern pen-pals! The majority of the people I was hanging out with this weekend I had never met in person before, but considered them friends because of the magic of the internet, so it was so fun meeting people in real life and seeing their 3D faces.

We talked about boys and food and TV of course, but also about designing, and the challenges of being your own boss, and working alone all day. About wholesaling our patterns, and being your own marketing and social media manager. About getting screwed over by publications and yarn companies, and about which ones we’d love to work for forever. We learned about new products and new companies doing amazing things.

More than anything? We talked about COLLABORATION. That magical, beautiful word that is scary and awesome. I’m SO excited about the potential collaborations I’ve now got down the pipeline, both for me and The Sweatshop of Love, and my baby Holla Knits.

It might just be true! Nothing is as good for your business as talking about it to people in person, and talking about people doing what you are doing to bring your industry forward.

More soon! Much, MUCH MUCH MUCH much more soon. I’ve got enough in my brain now to last me a nice long while, even though I’ll be trying to get it out of there as quickly as possible.

FO: Mom’s Lace Striped Summer Sweater

Do you get the feeling that all I do is knit this WORK+SHELTER Lace Striped Sweater? Me too.

My Mom in her New Sweater!

I just finished another one for my mom! This was a barter sweater – she made me a hand stamped table cloth I needed for a present, and she picked out this yarn, Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Merlin, for an adorable sweater for her!

About 2″ Longer

She wanted her sweater longer, so I added an extra stripe before joining the sleeves for the yoke. So instead of ending with a St st stripe, I ended with a lace stripe, which meant I had to modify the sleeves to start with the lace stripe after the ribbing for the sleeves, and alternate my striping differently from there. It sounds confusing, but since this is my FIFTH sweater, it was a breeze.

Looking CUTE!

This knit up really fast, as usual. Those size 9 needles and worsted weight yarn is a dream. And my mom loves it! Something tells me she’ll be wearing her new sweater a lot, which makes me very happy!

Pattern: WORK+SHELTER Lace Striped Summer Sweater

Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Sport in Merlin

Needles: Size 9 circs and DPNs

Ravelry Project Page

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FO: Lace Striped Summer Sweater

I finished this sweater weeks ago and have been wearing it pretty much every time I leave the house, just never when I also have my camera on me. Until this weekend!

Stash Buster!

I blogged about starting this sweater almost a month ago, and it’s such a ridiculously quick knit I’ve had it finished for almost that long. If I didn’t have a lot of projects lined up right now I’d knit more in different colors. It’s so fun and easy to wear.

From the Back

I changed colors while working the last lace row of each section, not the St st row, and I love the way this looks. You can see that it looks like the colors are tied together. This fun detail makes me wish I could make one with stripes of different colors for all sections. Someday!

Three Stripes Will Have To Do

For now I’m just happy to have this tee, now in desperate need of a wash, to wear all summer long.

Pattern: WORK+SHELTER Lace Striped Tee by Allyson Dykhuizen

Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Sea Foam and Ivory, and Knit Picks CotLin in Tomato

Needles: Size 9 24″ and 16″ circulars

Ravelry Project Page

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