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A Giant Pudge in the Way

So I finished up this week’s Delancey Cardigan knit along assignment and just as I was setting up to shoot it I encountered an obstacle.

Fat Cat

In the form of my gigantic cat Pudge Rodriguez. It would be rude to move her (since, you know, she doesn’t sleep 22 hours a day or anything) so I just kind of worked around her.

One sleeve finished, and the second sleeve started! Pudge obviously approves.

Second Sleeve Start! ... and Pudge

The short rows for the second sleeve went a lot faster than the first. I might attribute that to Rob Lowe. I just started watching Brothers & Sisters, and despite it being a pretty boring show about a bunch of rich white people, Rob Lowe is SUPER HOT in it, and everything is a little easier when you are watching him being sexy and adorable.

I digress. Wait, I DO NOT DIGRESS!


Anti-Kitty Blocking Mats

My mom got me the Knit Picks Blocking Mats for my birthday a few weeks ago! I had my eye on these for years, and have been using towels laying all over my house to block on since I started knitting.

My Stack of New Blocking Mats

One of the main reasons I wanted to get these mats is because I thought they’d attract my cats less than towels always do. I swear my cats lay in wait for me to block things because they are only truly happy when they are sleeping on wet towels.

Velma Scoping it Out

Velma, the smart one, was the first to check it out. She took a few minutes to sniff around, but lost interest quickly.

Pudge Testing the Water

Pudge really wanted to make this work! She is usually the one sleeping on the wet sweaters the most, so once Velma walked away she was all over it.

Pudge Giving Up!

But it just wasn’t the same! She walked around the sweater and the blocking mats for another few minutes, but ended up leaving, too. It was fantastic! No yarn pulls, no messed up sweater, no wet cat hair! And the sweater dried overnight, and even though it’s cotton, the sweater is worsted cotton! Overnight drying is still pretty damn good.

So I’m in love with my blocking mats! Thanks mom!

… and y’all can just go ahead and ignore that sweater drying on that mat. There is nothing to see here.

Cooking Up a Storm

One of my favorite things about being back in Minneapolis for the winter is that all of my cooking materials are up here. I’m back with my pots and pans, my crock pot and gigantic stock pot, my emulsion blender, my bread maker! We are all back together again, and I’ve been cooking up a storm.

Bagel Sponge!

Making my own bagels has been on my list for a long time, and after visiting my friend Katie the other week right after she made her own bagels, I was re-inspired.

Bagels Boiling!

I found this recipe on pinterest and, without reading it, started working. And, JUST LIKE WHEN YOU DON’T READ AHEAD IN A KNITTING PATTERN, after I was about 8 minutes into kneading for 30 minutes, I glanced at the recipe and noticed it was divided into two parts: day one and day two.

Soysage, Egg, and Cheese Bagel Sandwich!

The bagels turned out great. A little dense, but very good. I’ll be making more soon, since PT and I are eating like 4 a day. I’m sure as hell trying a different recipe, though! A one day recipe.

Gratuitous Cute Pudge Rodriguez Pic

A couple other fun things to mention! I was included in Lisa Shroyer’s 8 Designers to Watch in 2012 list, which blows my mind. But, let’s be honest, it’s completely true. With Holla Knits launching in a couple months, my work with WORK+SHELTER and a trip to India scheduled, and the (secret) promise of a book, 2012 is going to be my bitch.

I was also included in this week’s Best of the Web collection on Pocketchange!

Slippers off and I’m back in the kitchen! This barefoot only rule is killing me, though. It’s cold up here!

Twelve Aidez Inches and Counting! KAL Update

Establishing these cables was a huge task. Luckily that task was completed last week, which left me with six more inches of delightful cable knitting to complete on my Aidez for this week’s knit along goal.


I did it in one sitting. I’m in love with all these cables! I was sad when I hit 12″ because I had to stop working the pattern.

Aidez and Pudge

Pudge’s favorite part is the seed stitch cables, too.

And, as we are all putting the finishing touches on our Halloween costumes before the weekend’s festivities, I can’t NOT share this pic of Baby Nolan in the finished Yoda ears!

Baby Yoda Nolan and Pug Baby!

Seriously. SERIOUSLY! Seriously. This kid is so cute it hurts. Cutest Yoda ever? Yeah, I’ll say.

Have a safe and super fun Halloween weekend!

Fall KAL Aidez – Let’s Swatch!

We’ll be casting on for our Fall KAL sweater, the beautiful cabled cardigan Aidez, a week from today, and after swatching I’m itching to get this beautiful sweater on my needles!

Wool of the Andes Bulky in Stormy

I’ve never had Wool of the Andes Bulky in my hands before and, like there was any doubt, I’m in love. It’s bulky, but not overly chunky so I don’t think I’ll have trouble wearing the final sweater because I’m feeling like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Stormy is a beautiful dark, smokey grey color that doesn’t have as much blue in it that I was expecting, but I’m not complaining. I always just figure Knit Picks knows better than I do.

Pudge With My Balled Yarn

I balled all eight of my skeins with the help of Pudge Rodriguez. She helps by being adorable, and occasionally swatting at the swift.

4" Wide...

Aidez calls for size 10 1/2 needles, which I didn’t have. I decided to gauge with my size 10s and see where to go from there, and it worked out perfectly! My gauge with the size 10s is spot on for width.

... 3 3/4" Tall

And the tiniest bit smaller than 4″ tall. So I’m sticking with the size 10s!

Knit Along-ers take note! We’re knitting the body of this puppy in one piece, so you will need circular needles to knit along with us. We’re casting on both sides and the back together next week, and that’s a lot of stitches. So get gauging and we’ll get knitting next week!