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Minnesota Vacation! State Fair & Lots of Beer

Thursday Miss Laura McDougal of DoogKnits and I jumped on the Megabus and headed north to Minnesota. It had been SO LONG since I had been there – I’m sure you all remember my years going back and forth between Chicago and Minneapolis, then my eventual return to Chicago 2 summers ago. I really miss Minneapolis, and this weekend really brought that home!

Bus Knitting 1

Bus Knitting #1

This is how Laura and I traveled all weekend! So much yarn between us.

Early Morning at the Fair!

Early Morning at the Fair!

After getting some drinks Thursday night (you know, to shake off that Megabus!), we were up EARLY to head to the Minnesota State Fair! This was Laura’s first fair, but my fair exploits have been well documented – 201120102009.



Here me and Laura, plus Lily, her fiancee Scott, and of course PT, cookie cheers outside of Sweet Martha’s. These were only 1000 of the 10000 calories we happily consumed at the fair!



And after the fair these were just some of the very many beers we needed to cool off.

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions

You might think that after all that we’d take a break from eating fried foods, but you’d be wrong! We breakfasted before going to the Mall of America (DUH), and walking around, taking in this great city I still wish I lived in.

Bus Knitting #2

Bus Knitting #2

The bus ride home was a little nap filled, but I made some fair isle progress so it wasn’t a total loss! I think we totally sold Laura on Minneapolis, I gained 10 pounds, and 2 days later am still super tired. Sign of a great long weekend vacation, right?!

Minnesota State Fair and Target Field Means I Had the Best Weekend Ever!

And then, magically, my summer in Minneapolis was over. It hardly feels like three months ago that I got here, and here I’m already packing up to leave. But before I head back to Chicago Friday, we knew we had to have the weekend to end all weekends. And we surely did, starting Friday with a trip to Target Field.


See those people WAY up at the top there? That is where we usually sit. But Friday? Ohh no! Friday PT got CHAMPIONS CLUB tickets for the game, which meant that we got all you can eat and drink free food, and our view for the game was this:


I was so happy during this game tears were shed. The food was amazing, getting to drink all I wanted to was amazing, not waiting in line to pee was amazing! But the baseball. It was RIGHT THERE! It was almost scary how close we were.


And then there was the fair. This is me, trying to eat a deep fried Reeses Peanut Butter Cup covered in powdered sugar. Because there isn’t enough sugar on the inside of that thing that it needed more. And yeah. It was good. Because EVERYTHING IS AMAZING AT THE FAIR!

Beer on a Stick!

This is my third Minnesota State Fair, and I think ever time gets better. It’s Tuesday and I’m still recovering from this trip. It’s just that glorious.


I love that I take the same pictures every year. In 2009 it was food, bunnies, crop art, and baby sheep. In 2010 it was food, baby sheep, and crop art.

Baby Sheep!

This year is shaping up to be food, bunnies, baby sheep, and crop art again!

Crop Art!

And, of course, the underwhelming shots of knitting.

Knitting, Just Hanging Around

We were at the fair for 11 hours, so it’s really no wonder that I’m still recovering. I could barely walk yesterday! I’m already excited for next year.

And I’m already excited to come back to Minneapolis! I kinda love this place. I’m Chicago bound Friday, which means I’m frantically packing up my life and finishing all my unfinished projects before I’ll be away from them. Why does leaving always sneak up on me?!

But we went out with a bang, Minnesota. And those 5 deep fried pounds around my middle will be with me for a long time.

PT’s Birthday Week

Why does PT get a birthday WEEK? Maybe because it’s been like 20 degrees in Minneapolis and I’m feeling generous.


But mainly because we’ve done some fun things this week, all corresponding with PT’s birthday, and, thus, PT’s birthday week.

The Birthday Boy and his Birthday Meal

PT wanted to make shrimp and grits for his birthday meal, so we grilled up some shrimp, roasted up some mushrooms, and stirred up some grits. I have never made grits before so I had no idea what I was doing, but they turned out great!

Brownie A La Mode

Instead of cake PT wanted brownie a la mode, and here we had fudgy brownies (best brownie recipe ever!) and some caramel frozen yogurt from Stoneyfield.

Lake of the Isles

And, since it’s like 20 degrees, we’ve been getting out more! Here is a beautiful shot of the Minneapolis skyline across Lake of the Isles, one of the chain of lakes through Minneapolis. There are some insane houses around these lakes and I can’t wait until it is actually nice out to walk around all of them.

Minnesota Timberwolves at Target Center

And last night we went to Target Center in downtown Minneapolis to watch the Timberwolves take on the Oklahoma City Thunder! I really couldn’t care less about basketball but the Timberwolves are so bad you can get a great seat for $8.

Ann, Chris, and Mark

Mark, Chris, and Ann look unimpressed, but we all had a super good time. They are just gearing up for the heartbreak to come.

PT Enjoying Himself

Little does PT know that the TWolves will lose dramatically by 1 in overtime.

And I’ve got to give a little shout out to poor Velma:

Miss Velma

Pudge has been getting a lot of press, between Tuesday’s video appearance and her cameo with my Beatnik from last week, and people were starting to worry about her. Here she is! Being beautiful. As usual.

So, my PT, happy 28th birthday! But I hereby decree an end to our constant celebratory eating, because we are both getting super fat.

Christmas Present FO: Dadgurumi

I’m making quick work of the amigurumis for my family! Thank god, because I’m officially pretty sick of crocheting legs and arms.

Dadgurumi in a Blizzard

But, every time I get another finished amigurumi it’s so hilarious that I just can’t help but make more!

And I’ve got to keep mixing it up because everyone has such funny little quirks. My dad, for instance, has huge ears that you can see poking out from under his hat.

So, this is my dad.

Dadgurumi in a Snowbank

There are three thing my dad loves more than anything else in the world. They are, in no particular order:

1. The Detroit Lions

2. The Detroit Tigers

3. Blizzards

Tigers Hat, Lions Jersey

If my dad had a uniform it would be Detroit Tigers hat on his head and wearing a Detroit Lions jersey or tshirt. His amigurumi got an upgrade to a Calvin Johnson jersey, which I’m sure it won’t go unnoticed.

And yeah! That is our street! Minnesota is on pace for the snowiest December in the history of the state and you can tell by the 7 foot piles of snow everywhere. I could be laying in that snow drift and it would look just as big.

So it’s fitting that on the first official day of winter (yikes) that I share some snow shots, and my dadgurumi enjoying it.

Two gifts left!

Pattern: Basic Humanoid Amigurumi Pattern by

Yarn: Worsted acrylic leftovers

Hook: Size G

Ravelry Project Page

Target Field = Two Thumbs Up

I’m back home in Chicago gearing up for the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend and going through pictures of the last two legs of my trip. You want to see the happiest boy in the whole entire world?

PT at Target Field

That would be PT, a boy who grew up watching indoor baseball at the hellhole of a Metrodome we saw last year but is seeing Target Field, the new ballpark where the Minnesota Twins now play, for the first time.


This trip included two baseball games, one at Yankee Stadium and one here at Target Field, and I can’t express enough how much more I enjoyed my time at Target Field than at Yankee Stadium.

Target Field is fun. It’s beautiful and you can feel how excited everyone is to be outside watching baseball, which is something the rest of us take for granted. Twins fans are just happy people watching baseball. They are tickled pink that their team is in the race but I’m pretty sure they would be just as excited if they had the worst team in baseball. They love everyone. Everyone gets cheered on, every ball could go out, every out is huge, every moment is awesome, and that is just a fun way to watch baseball.

PT is PUMPED for Sausage

And, when you are with someone having the best time of their life, you just gotta get on board. PT looked like this the entire time. Seriously. But so did everyone!

Target Field and Minneapolis

It’s beautiful and fun and comfortable and their food is reasonably priced and they’ve got these fancy bars all over the stadium that are accessible to everyone.

The Tigers lost in extra innings. It was a rough game, but I still had a great time. THAT is how amazing Target Field is!

So, Yankees, I have no idea what you did with that $1.4 billion, but you should have built Target Field in the Bronx and saved yourself $855,000,000. That is right, Yankee Stadium cost EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS more than Target Field. I can’t comprehend how much money that actually is, but that is a lot of zeros for something to have cost more than something else.

If you find yourself in Minneapolis you should get yourself to Target Field. If you find yourself in the Bronx you should get on a plane, fly to Minnesota, and get yourself to Target Field. It will cost you less than going to see the Yankees.