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Valentines for My Ladies

I’m not into Valentine’s Day for relationships. Like, PT and I just used it as an excuse to eat more. At home. In our PJs.

But I love having an excuse to give some love to some of my favorite ladies, so last week I knit up a few We’re Just That Awesome Cup Cozies for my family.

Mom's Cozy

My mom’s favorite color is green so I broke into some Knit Picks Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn in Canopy for her, and threw on a big yellow button.

Grandma's Cup Cozy

For my grandma I used some leftover Patons Kroy Sock yarn from Nestor the Long Eared Donkey and some cute light pink floral buttons.

Emily's Cup Cozy

And while my sister in law, Emily, is not only nursing Baby Nolan and can’t drink caffeine, but she is preggers to boot! But I didn’t want to leave her out so I knit one up for her in some leftover Knit Picks Gloss Fingering yarn in Grape, which, I’m now seeing, is a discontinued color. I figure it can be for tea or hot chocolate or something, right?

Ready to Roll Out!

I really enjoy knitting these little guys! Finding yarn scraps is fun. Finding buttons is fun!

Instant Valentine!

I stuck them in envelopes, cut out hearts from a floral advertisement, put them in a big envelope, and mailed them off!

I’ve enjoyed knitting these so much I added a few to my etsy shop. Check them out!

You can see these Cup Cozy FOs on their Rav pages here: Grandma. Mom. Emily!

Did you get anything rad for Valentine’s Day?

FO: Fishnet Anklets

The Purl Bee Fishnet Anklets

Don’t you love when you see a pattern and know immediately that you NEED TO KNIT IT? And all other thoughts leave your head? And you stare at the pattern and all the pictures and imagine the outfits you can built around your soon-to-be FO?

It took one picture for me:

The Purl Bee Fishnet Anklets

Isn’t it perfect? I love everything about this picture, over on The Purl Bee. Subscribe to her blog now if you aren’t already.

HOTT Fishnet Socks!

I love them. I used some Knit Picks sock weight Gloss that has been laying around here forever and the yarn is lovely for this project. They knit up fast and this heel might be the easiest heel I’ve ever had to turn.

The pattern calls for size 1s for the top ribbing, then the rest of the sock is knit with size 4s. I had size 2s so I just used those for the rib, but it’s worth running out and getting size 1s, because my rib is a little loose. Wearable! But loose.

So now it just needs to stop being 50 degrees so I can wear them out!

Pattern: Fishnet Anklets by The Purl Bee

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss Sock Yarn in Grape, which is a discontinued color

Needles: Size 2 and size 4 DPNs

Rav Project Page

FO: My January Sweater, Minimalist Cardigan; or, When Blocking Goes Terribly Wrong

I’d like to preface this post by saying that, while acknowledging that I’ve got a lot on my emotional plate right now, I had to crop my crying face out of most of these pictures, and that is a bit of an overreaction.

Minimalist Cardigan Fail. And I cried. I’m staring at it right now, actually, wanting to cry. It’s like knitting masochism.

Curly Front, Pre-Block

These pre-blocking pictures kill me. Had I known that this would be the last time I’d be wearing and loving my sweater I wouldn’t have just thrown it over the long sleeved t-shirt I wore yesterday.

Nice Normal Sleeves!

I also would have cleaned my mirror before taking these pictures.

I was just finishing up the sleeves in my last Knit a Sweater a Month Challenge post. Sure, I was getting sick of the double moss stitch, but I was still rocking it out and loving it so much!

Remember how in love with this sweater I was when I started?! I still felt that love, even if it was a little boring.

So I finished knitting up the sleeves, seemed it all together, and I thought it was looking good! The size was right on. The only problem was that the front panels were super curly, but I saw that while I was knitting it. I knew a quick block would take care of it, no problem.

Stupid Huge Sweater

As soon as I had it in the bath the light bulb went off:

Fingering weight yarn+larger than gauge needles+lacy stitch=STRETCH

Really, Really Big

I mean, look at those sleeves. Look at the length! It’s supposed to be a cropped sweater with 3/4 length sleeves. I just look like a midget. With wide shoulders.

Stupid Wide Shoulders

But that got me thinking. What if I re-seam the shoulders to make them hit higher? That would pull the sleeves up and at least make it look like I knew how to dress myself.

Pinned? Maybe?

It puckered in the front but kind of cutely!

Back View... hmm

It puckered in the back in a not so cutely.

Not Re-Seamed


And, while seaming the shoulders up did make it look a little better, I snuggled it, dried my tears, and decided to give it to my mom for her birthday.

So, happy early birthday, mom. With a tear, because I really wanted this sweater! But I know you will love it. Because it is psychotically beautiful, and your favorite color, and will look fantastic on you.

I’m glad it is getting a good home. Now I’ve got to get more Woodland Sage Knit Picks Gloss because I need this yarn to be in my life. In sweater form.

Sigh. Double sigh.

January Sweater Tease: Minimalist Cardigan

A Head Start

So I got a little head start on my Sweater a Month Challenge. A 13 day head start, to be exact. But I couldn’t help it! I was done with my holiday knitting, this yarn had been staring at me since October 27th. I’m not a very patient person to begin with! I couldn’t not start it.

Moss Stitch, Kinda

The Minimalist Cardigan, by Ruthie Nussbaum, is a hugely popular pattern on Ravelry. It was originally in the Fall 2007 issue of Interweave, and it is kind of hard to believe I’ve waited over 2 years to finally make this sweater happen.

Mods: Where do I start? The pattern calls for worsted weight, I used Knit Picks Gloss, fingering weight. When I saw this sweater the first time I thought it was a light weight little summer sweater, and I was kind of shocked to find out it wasn’t. And when I saw the Woodland Sage I knew I needed this sweater in this merino silk blended yarn.

The yarn gauged small, no surprise, but with the same size 7 needles the pattern called for it only sized about an inch off. I picked the 39 1/2 size. I wanted to knit a little more to make sure it wasn’t too loose, that it kept the integrity of the stitches, and it looks lovely. It’s a light weight sweater, right?

I hate lots of pieces so I cast on 191 for both sides and back. That single moss stitch would kill me so I modified it to a two stitch moss, with a K2P2 rib repeated for two rows then switched for two rows.

I’m so in love with the color of this sweater it is almost disgusting.

So Pretty!

Surprisingly I haven’t wanted to poke my own eyes out with these circular needles yet! I think because I’m loving how the stitch is looking, how the yarn is working, how the ribbing turned out, how the front panels are laying.

I’m like a love sick school girl for this sweater. If I keep up this knitting rate I’ll have it done before January even starts.

There is still time to get in on the Sweater a Month Challenge! Email me at to get on the mailing list! The first official Sweater a Month Challenge post will be January 4th.

Balling and Frogging

So I started knitting a sweater. You knew I couldn’t hold off until January. I knew I couldn’t hold off until January. It was bound to happen.

King of Confidence

I started this sweater from the new winter 2009 knitty. The idea behind the sweater was to use yarn you spun yourself in a sweater without having to spin yarn for an entire sweater. I’ve never spun before, but it did make me think of that Kitchen Sink Dyeworks yarn I won a few months ago that I haven’t used yet.

Kitchen Sink, Patons

I bought a bunch of Paton’s Merino when it was on sale around Thanksgiving that I’ve got on my mind grapes for a sweater, so I thought if I knit the sweater in the red and used the yellow around the yoke it would be a great way to use that fancy yarn on something I would wear all the time, having only one skeins worth.

About 7 Inches

But the more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t get McDonald’s out of my head. Yellow and red? I would kill someone if I knit a sweater and got a McDonald’s comment. And I was bored. The sweater felt bulky, I pictured it looking bulky on me, and it had no wow factor.

So I ripped it out.

Swift+Ball Winder=Happiness

Ball Winder+Swift=Happiness

To make myself feel better I opened my new swift, attached it, along with my ball winder, to my work table, and balled all the yarn I had laying around. It was kind of awesome. Look how cool my table looks with a freaking swift attached to it! And it took about 30 minutes to ball that Knit Picks Gloss, where before I wanted to kill something even thinking about balling them by hand.

… yeah. I said Knit Picks Gloss. I might have something in mind. I might be a big fat cheater who can’t wait until January to start the Sweater a Month 2010 Challenge.

Yeah, that totally sounds like me.