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Knit Picks Brava Sport ’

FO: Houndstooth Bandana

Sometimes you just have to dig through your stash and bust out an amazing pattern that has been sitting in your ravelry queue for a while.

Houndstooth Bandana by Jocelyn Tunney

Houndstooth Bandana by Jocelyn Tunney

For me that project was this fun Houndstooth Bandana by Jocelyn Tunney. I’ve been really into houndstooth lately, and you guys know how much I love mixing patterns! So before I left Minneapolis for Michigan over Christmas I dug around in my stash and found a fun mix of yarns to cook this guy up with.

Knit Picks Mish Mash

Knit Picks Mish Mash

The yellow is Knit Picks Brava Sport in Canary, the grey is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Mist, and the white is Knit Picks Swish Worsted in White. I used about half of the skein of Brava, and two skeins of the WotA and Swish.

Houndstooth LOVE!

Houndstooth LOVE!

This is a pattern that totally tricked me. I’m pretty good at looking at something and figuring out how it was knit and what is going on where, but Jocelyn Tunney had me fooled with this one! I really loved knitting this project, but it has a lot of pretty annoying elements. For some reason they didn’t bother me in the least, but when I tell other knitters about it they all freak. It’s many inches of a short amount of ribbing, it’s a LOT of picking up stitches. A lot. So much so that my 36″ circulars couldn’t handle them all and SNAPPED! It was intense.

Slight Modification

Slight Modification

It is probably because I used worsted weight grey and white yarn and sport weight yellow, but I had to use more of the top band to pick up the correct number of stitches, so instead of having the long strips of yellow at the end, I’ve got kind of squatty ends. But other than that I followed this pattern to a T and loved every second of it.

And I’ve been wearing it pretty nonstop since I finished it!

Pattern: Houndstooth Bandana by Jocelyn Tunney

Yarn: Knit Picks Brava Sport, Knit Picks Swish Worsted, Knit Picks Wool of the Andes

Needles: Size 4 36″ circs

 Ravelry Project Page

New Pattern! Multiplicity


Buy Now ~ Ravelry Pattern Page

I am a cross body bag kinda girl. I buy or make myself clutches all the time but never use them. Adorable shoulder bag? Nah. I like to throw a bag strap over my head and across my body and forget about it. But this bag is too darn cute to forget about! A large main pocket is perfect for your wallet and keys, and throw your phone in a very accessible smaller front pocket. Since the bag is double knit throughout there is no need for a lining! The extra thick fabric keeps everything in.

Two Double Knit Pockets!

I’ve used a 45” handmade leather strap for my bag, but you can use any length strap if you aren’t as fussy about your bags as I am. Weaving a strap out of yarn would also be super cute! And if having open pockets makes you nervous, snag a couple magnetic purse closures at your local craft store.

Finished Size 9” wide, and 10” deep main pocket unfolded. Folded down bag is 6” tall. Bag shown with 45” strap.

Perfect Size!


Yarn: Knit Picks Brava Sport, 100% Premium Acrylic; 273 yds/100g: Caution (MC), 1 skein, Cobblestone Heather (CC), 1 skein.

Needles: Size 4 (3.5mm): straights. Adjust needle sizes if necessary to obtain the correct gauge.

Notions: Tapestry needle; 45” leather strap with D Rings and Tabs, shown fromHomestead Heirlooms, LLC in turquoise.

Throw in Your Stuff and GO!

Gauge 16 sts and 24 rows = 4″ (10 cm) in double knitting.

Notes The body and front pocket of Multiplicity are knit using double knitting, a technique used to create two right sides of fabric at once. If you are unfamiliar with this technique, Knit Picks has a great intro here. There are also lots of video tutorials on Double Knitting if you do a little searching. Don’t be scared! It’s a really fun technique, and with a little practice you’ll be double knitting your heart out in no time.

Throughout both double knitted pieces, the first and last 2 sts are knit together holding both colors, knitting 2 sts together and creating 2 sts at the same time.

 Buy Now ~ Ravelry Pattern Page

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FO: Delancey Cardigan

I feel like this has been a long time coming! I’m so excited to finally have my Delancey Cardigan finished and ready to wear constantly.

Delancey! Delancey!

I’m in love. It fits great, the colors are ridiculous – I pretty much feel like I’ve branded myself SWEATSHOP OF LOVE when I’m wearing it – but hey, nothing wrong with branding, right?

And It Looks Good With My Lions Shirt!

I seamed down the collar and it was an amazing decision. It was looking weird the way the outermost blue section was the only part flipping down. I don’t know if it was because I used two different yarns or if it was just that the collar needed to be bigger, but seamed down it looks great and now I don’t have to worry about it looking weird while I’m wearing it.

The Back is My Favorite!

And I’m pretty in love with the little stripe I added to the bottom band! It adds a little more interest. Like this sweater needed more interest! Go big or go home.

Stripes and Buttons Galore!

I’m not a buttoner, really, and it’s a good thing. It’s pretty pully. I meant to button it up to show how it ended up fitting, but, as you can see, that didn’t happen.

Knitting the shorter version was the right answer, and knitting the smallest size worked out perfectly. But this means the end of another knit along! I’ll be sharing more finished Delancey Cardigans from the KAL on Monday. There are a few trickling in on the FO forum and they are all looking awesome.

Pattern: Delancey Cardigan by Alexis Winslow

Yarn: Knit Picks Swish DK in Gulfstream and Knit Picks Brava Sport in Canary

Needle: Size 7

Ravelry Project Page

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Delancey Week 1 Progress

And just like that we are already coming to the end of the first week of our Delancey Cardigan knit along!

Side Panels!

And I can easily say this is the strangest way I’ve ever started a sweater. I’m 54 rows into the Delancey Cardigan and it looks more like a huge bra-top than a sweater. And it’s downright impossible to figure out if we have picked the right size. But trust the pattern, right?!

Left Panel!

I’m LOVING my colors! They are loud and ridiculous and beautiful. Knit Picks Swish DK, my main color yarn, is knitting up seamlessly with the Knit Picks Brava Sport, my contrast color. I really like how every row is different, and how you really have to stay on your toes with this pattern! So fun.

Lumps and Bumps

The nature of the pattern really makes it hard to take good progress pictures! But here I am at row 54. If your sweater looks different than mine that is ok! I’m following the shortened sweater pattern instructions so my stripes will be in a different place than if you aren’t following the shortened pattern. And even then! I’m a seriously terrible counter. I could be off.

One week down, seven to go! How is your Delancey looking so far?

Delancey KAL Starts Next Week! So Let’s Swatch.

Our next knit along sweater, the Delancey Cardigan, starts a week from today! I know everyone is excited about it because our rav group has grown by leaps and bounds. I’ve been getting tons of emails from knitters ordering yarn and buying up the pattern.

And remember! Alexis Winslow‘s coupon codes end next week, so if you want in on this KAL get it now! Use coupon code DELANCEY50 for 50% off the pattern price, OR, if you’ve got your eye on the Delancey Cardigan and another of Alexis’s patterns, use coupon code DELANCEYBOGO to get them buy one, get one free.

PS – Alexis just released a plus sized version of this pattern! Check it out here.

This Week’s Delancey Cardigan Goal: Gauge.

My Delancey Swatch

It SOUNDS easy, but we’ve got some decisions to make out of the gate here. I’ve done a lot of reading of reviews of this sweater from knitters who’ve finished it, and the consensus seems to be that Delancey comes out big. So if you like oversized sweaters, stick to the pattern and you will get a beautiful, slightly oversized cardigan.

If you want a more fitted cardigan, like I do, we are going to make a couple changes. I got one of the yarns the pattern calls for, which is Knit Picks Swish DK. The needle size appropriate for this yarn is 5, while the pattern calls for size 8. The first thing I’m going to do is drop my needle size down to size 7, which will tighten up the gauge, eliminating some of the stretch from wear and blocking, and make a smaller sweater just that easily.

About 3 1/2" Wide, 1/2" Smaller

My gauge swatch with size 7s came out 3 1/2″ wide and 4 1/2″ tall, which I was not expecting! Alexis wrote a really helpful post explaining that she is crazy tall, and that if you aren’t super tall you might want to shorten up the sweater. Because of the unusual construction of Delancey, shortening the sweater is not as easy as just starting my armholes early. I was thinking about doing this to begin with, but with my gauge coming out so crazy tall, I’ll for sure be following Alexis’s tips and shortening the body.

About 4 1/2" Long, 1/2" Longer

Even though my gauge came out at 3 1/2″ wide, which means I’ll lose about 4 1/2″ of sweater if I stick to the 36″ size (my normal sweater size), I’m still going down to size 33. I’d rather try to block a little bigger than get a sweater that is too big.

So next week I’ll be casting on for the smallest size, with my DK weight yarn and my size 7 needles. So much of knitting is guessing! With all the information out there about Delancey, this is my best guess for sweater knitting success. I hope you use this information to make the best possible guess for how to get your sweater the way you want it, too. Questions? Email me, or ask it on the forum.

And be sure to email me at if you want on the KAL mailing list!

We got this! And next week we cast on!