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Moving Sale! $10 Kits, BOGO Patterns

PT and I are moving next month and in order to hide the volume of craft supplies and yarn from the moving men, I’m having a moving sale!

All My Knitting Kits!

All my knit and crochet kits are only $10! Check out all my knitting kits, including Entrleac Clutch, Twin Cities Headband, Hello Sailor Knot Necklaces, and even a few Madison Cowls!

My Crochet Jewelry Kits!

I’ve also got Daisy Chain Crochet Necklace kits and Ruffle Bracelet crochet kits for $10!

All the kits I have are listed on Etsy, so if the kit you are interested in says there is only one in stock, I’ve only got one left, so jump on it!

PLUS! With coupon code MOVINGSALE all of my patterns are buy one get one free! Want WORK+SHELTER Lace Striped Sweaters? Get Granny Square Muff free! Want McCarren Park Cap? Get Twin Cities Headband free!  You get the idea. This is a Ravelry coupon code, so see all eligible patterns in my Ravelry Pattern store. Coupon code expires next Wednesday July 25th at midnight.

Thanks so much for helping make my move easier!

50% Off All Knit and Crochet Kits & Knits and Buy 2 Get 1 Free Patterns


Hello Sailor Knot Necklace Knit Kit

If you’ve had your eye on one of my knitting kits, now is your time to grab one for you or a friend because they are 50% off!

Daisy Chain Necklace and Ruffle Bracelet

My crochet kits, too! Grab a Daisy Chain Necklace crochet kit or Ruffle Bracelet crochet kit for $10 and $13!

Hello Sailor Knot Necklaces Knit Up!

My finished knits are 50% off, too, so why do the work when I’ve already done it for you? Get Hello Sailor Knot Necklaces for $13.50, Bow Headbands for $7.50, and Change Purses for $10.

Just head over to My Etsy Shop and punch in coupon code


for 50% off your entire order! 

Not enough?

Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

Then head on over to my Ravelry Designer Page to get

Buy 2 Get 1 Free patterns with coupon code


Me at No Coast Minneapolis

So what is with this insane sale? I’m celebrating my retirement from craft shows. After Renegade Chicago this year I decided that craft shows are just not for me. They are a ton of work, not to mention all the work that goes into them before you even get to the show, and for a knitwear designer and knitter like me, it’s just not worth it. And I’ve still got a lot of inventory that I’d love to find homes for.

And I’m always looking for a way to get more people my patterns. So go out and get everyone on your list a knitting kit or piece of knit jewelry! This sale ends Friday night at midnight.

Renegade Brooklyn Prep, Part 5: SEWING

One of the major reasons I had to run back to Minneapolis this past weekend was because my sewing machine is here and I have a shit-ton of sewing to do for Renegade, which is a mere 2 weeks away.

Project Bag Number, Like, 51

This has been my view for the past 2 days. I need 63 project bags to fill with kits for Renegade and, of course, I ran out of fabric at 54. Is it worth hand dying 15 more yards of muslin for 9 more bags? I might just try to work with what I’ve got. SO CLOSE!

Millions and Millions of Bags

Making drawstrings for all these bags are on my agenda for the weekend, between showing my family around Minneapolis.

I won’t be putting my sewing machine away when I’m done sewing these bags, though. I’ll be displaying all my jewelry and accessories in these adorable felt baskets from Katie over at Under the Red Umbrella! Aren’t they cute? I’ll be making 10 of them and, despite how cute they are, it is going to get annoying, too.

My Pattern!

Aaaaand as if I needed a bigger head, between sewing bags I hung up the beautiful frame my friend Stefanie made for me of my pattern in Interweave Knits. I was joking about framing it on twitter, and then I thought, ‘Why the hell not?!’ and then Stefanie gave me this absolutely gorgeous picture. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t put a smile on my face every time my eyes fall on it. It brings a little legitimacy to my work station, right?

Entrelacing Up A Storm

I’ll also be making an entrelac strap how to video for my The Loop Entrelac Tank this weekend! We’re starting with straps on Monday so first time entrelac-ers will get a (hopefully very) helpful how to video to go along with Monday’s instruction.

I’m officially appointing all of you to get some sleep for me this weekend, ok? It’s a good thing I psychotically love all of this!

Introducing the Hello Sailor Entrelac Clutch

Officially this is supposed to be a launch for the Hello Sailor Entrelac Clutch AND the Knot Necklace but Renegade ran me right out of them. Which is a good thing! I’m going to be making more, but until then the clutch was feeling left out.

Oh! Hello, Sailor! Entrelac Clutch

So here is it’s moment to shine! You can now get the Hello Sailor Entrelac Clutch on Etsy for $28. It comes with everything you need to make that cute clutch!


Yarn (in Navy and Cream)

A little green vintage button

A zipper and some apple print lining fabric

The laminated instructions

All stuffed inside a bright yellow project bag!

Everything is in there and ready to go!

You will need size 6 needles to work the body of the clutch and the flap closure, 2 size 9 double pointed needles for the icord handle, a yarn needle to attach that handle, and a needle and thread to sew in that lining.

So Cute, Y'all!

I know I know, you are scared of entrelac. Don’t be! It’s really fun and easy once you get the hang of it. I use these exact instructions included in this pattern to teach entrelac so it’s really straight forward and written for people who have never entrelaced before.

And don’t you think it’s worth learning for this cute bag?

Order your kit now! I’m closing the shop again in a few weeks for the DIY Trunk Show coming up, so get them while they’re hot!

Renegade Wrap Up!

Ok y’all after this I promise I’ll stop using exclamation points in all of my blog titles.

I took yesterday to recover and clean up my house! It was a disaster, as you can imagine. Boxes everywhere and stuff piled in every corner. Sometimes the piles didn’t even make it to corners. And I was BEAT. Renegade is 12 hours on your feet talking to people! But I went to bed at 9:30, slept like a log for 10 hours, and now I’m back in the game!

So, Renegade recap! Well, on day 1 it rained.

Lookin' Good!

But still a ton of people came out, and by 2pm the rain cleared up and there were a million people there.

So here I’ve got each knit kit in a different basket with a sign describing what is in each kit and what you’ll need, and a list of color choices. I’ve got the finished products hanging from a close line above them.

Kits in Baskets!

I had the tags out, I tried to keep one of every color on the top, I was replenishing kits as they sold. I think it looked great!

Sunshiney Day Two!

Day two was the most beautiful day ever. It was warm and breezy and so many people came to Renegade that the fire marshal came and kicked people out because there were too many people! It was nuts.

Caitlin's Sweater Toys

I was sharing a booth with Caitlin who was selling these Sweater Toys that people were absolutely loving! I swear not a person walked by our booth without picking up one of her animals.

Renegade was a blast and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Between the two days I sold 35 kits! Mostly the new Hello Sailor Knot Necklaces and Twin Cities Ruffle Headbands. People were digging the bow headbands, too! I made 23 of them and I’ve only got 3 left. Holla!

And added Renegade bonus?

Dinner with Jeanna!

Renegade prompted Jeanna from Do What Now?, who wrote this hilarious guest post for me a few months ago, to get herself up to Chicago for the weekend! We had dinner and talked loudly about really inappropriate things. It was a great way to relax before Renegade the next day.

So until next year (hopefully!) Renegade. You were stressful and exhausting but well worth it and I had a great time.

And thanks to everyone that game out! Every time I saw a familiar face I ran up with a tight hug of death I was so excited! It was great to put faces to blogs and twitter friends and blog readers and to meet new knitters in the area.

So now what? It’s class schedule time! I’ve got the rest of the week to put my life together before knitting classes hit full swing on Monday. Holla!