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A Holiday Knitting Season in Review

The Lot

Top Row, Left to Right:

1. Wine Cozy for PT’s Mom

2. Elephants for Grandma, three total

3. Three Pairs of Granny Square Slippers, one for Tara, Grandma, and Mom

4. Three Cabled Jar Covers for Rachel

Middle Row, Left to Right:

1. Crocheted Bib Necklace for Tara, my Sweatshop Secret Santa

2. Knitting Needle Knitting Bag for Mom

3. Lace Hand Warmers for Rachel

4. U of M Toilet Lid Cover for my brother Adam

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

1. Eric Man-Beanie for my brother Matthew

2. Glorified Necklace for Mom

3. Eric Man-Stocking Cap for Dad

Not Pictured:

1. Knitting Needle Knitting Bag for my friend Colleen, already gifted

2. PT’s Modified Cambridge Jacket, wrapped and under the tree

3. Two Slouchy Berets for Blog Giveaway Winners, in Green and Pink, shipped off

I don’t know whether to think that is a lot or a little. I have been knitting since September for the holidays. I did knit myself a sweater in there somewhere, too. And wrote a few patterns. And taught a lot of classes.

But with it all laid out there like that, it is weird to think I did all that in just over three months.

Just Pudge being Pudge

I wrapped it all up, no thanks to Pudge Rodriguez,  and most of it is ready for the trip up to Michigan.

I hope you got all your holiday knitting done in time! Is there something you will be giving half finished?


So everything was going swimmingly. Saturday morning I was on fire! Went to the gym, did my running around, and was working on my granny squares when I needed more yarn. I’ve got piles of yarn all over the place, and whenever I look for yarn it ends up all over the floor. I bent down to pick up a skein that had rolled under my futon when SMACK!

I knocked my head hard on the arm of my futon like a dummy. I stood up, shocked, kind of laughed to myself, then burst into tears. It hurt! But I shook it off and kept working. I got a headache, then my neck started hurting, and I got really tired. PT had a cold all week so I just thought I was getting a cold, so I canceled my party plans for Saturday night and went to bed, never thinking I might have concussed myself on my futon! I woke up Sunday morning with a headache. I went to wash my face before Holiday Present Prep class and looked at myself in the mirror for the first time since Saturday and I have a huge bump and bruise on my forehead! It all comes together. I’m not getting sick – I just smacked the crap out of my head!

Luckily I didn’t put it together Saturday or I probably would have made myself crazy thinking I had a concussion. But I’m alive and this morning my head is feeling good. Still bruised up! But feeling good.

I did find the canola oil in the fridge this morning, however, so there might be some permanent damage.

Granny Squares!

Granny Squares!

Despite my stupidity, I did manage to click almost everything off my list! I didn’t tackle the sewing pile because sitting up hurt for most of the weekend, and I didn’t do too much reading because that hurt, too.

But I did make 36 freaking granny squares!







And made three pairs of granny square slippers!

It’s really too bad that I’m refusing to make another granny square for as long as I live, because I would like a pair of these for myself. They are so ridiculous and so ugly-amazing that they are kind of hard to resist! The best part is that I got to use up left over skeins from projects I never got to, or yarn I bought on sale with nothing in mind for it.







These were a lot of fun to make. And the instructions from The Purl Bee couldn’t be any clearer. The woman takes a picture of every aspect of putting each granny square together. It was so helpful! I don’t know if it was the head injury or if it was just hard, but even after making six slippers I couldn’t put them together for memory.

Trio of Granny Square Slippers

Trio of Granny Square Slippers

Three lucky people on my Christmas list, including my Sweatshop Secret Santa recipient, will be getting a pair of these.

PT is flying back to Chicago at this very moment! Leave it to me to almost kill myself the first weekend I’m alone in months and months.