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Dollar and a Half Cardigan ’

20 Sweater FOs, In Review

I’ve knit a lot of sweaters since I started knitting sweaters the summer of 2008. Some of them I still wear, some of them I’ve never worn, and some of them I’ve pulled out, or plan to pull out. And since I’m on vacation I figured this would be a good time to review them!

#6 Diamond Lace Top

1. Diamond Lace Top: This is my first finished sweater on ravelry. I knit sweaters before this sweater, but that was before I belonged to ravelry and lord knows where those sweaters have ended up. This sweater, #6 Diamond Lace Top, I knit the summer of 2008 in Knit Picks Shine Sport. I still have it, I still wear it, and I still love it!

2. My Sweater Pattern: My first foray into sweater design turned out cute! But like 39581501 other sweater patterns out there. It’s cute, but it was too tight around my armpits and made me uncomfortable. I’m pretty sure I donated it.

3. Distraction Cropped Jacket: This one makes me sad. I LOVE this sweater, I loved knitting it and I love how it looks. I just don’t like how it looks on me! #26 Cropped Jacket is a little boxy and short, and every time I wear it I end up taking it off, or trying to wear it open. So it’s sitting in a pile. I’m hoping my taste or style changes or something so that I can start wearing it. Hopefully! Also, this is the first of the sweaters I blogged about!

Girl Friday

4. Selfish Sweater: Yes! I still wear Girl Friday. There are things I’d change if I knit this sweater again, like knit it in softer yarn! That Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool is scratchy as hell. But I love it, and pull it out often.

5. Caitlin’s Cardi: I don’t wear Caitlin’s Cardi, which is stupid since it’s my own damn sweater pattern, but I feel like it’s in the wrong yarn. If it were lighter it’d be easier to wear, but since it’s in that worsted wool, you’ve got to wear it over a long sleeved tee, and I just haven’t been. I still have it, of course, but it’s in a pile somewhere.

6. March Darcy: Nope! It’s in a pile to frog. I wore it a few times, but I never liked how far off the shoulders the sleeves sit. I was constantly pulling them up, and it annoyed me. So I’m pulling out my Mrs Darcy as soon as I need this yarn.

Dollar and a Half!

7. February Sweater: I love my Dollar and a Half! I’ve worn it so much that the buttons are coming off, so it’s currently in a pile of stuff I need to fix. I’m going to take off these light fabric covered buttons and put on some more heavy duty buttons that pull less on the fabric. But this sweater is one of my favorites! It’s unique, I’m always getting compliments on it, and I was knitting it when my grandpa died, and I remember working on it while I was home for his funeral. So it will always be close to my heart.

8. Traverse City Tube Top: Yes! It’s winter so it feels like I haven’t worn this sweater in a while, because I haven’t, but I love this sweater. It’s my pattern, so thank goodness I love it and wear it still!

9. The Loop Entrelac Tank: Yes! I love this one still, too. I love it so much I knit myself another one for the KAL last summer.

Granny Bomber Jacket

10. Granny Bomber Jacket: I didn’t wear it much at first, but it’s made a recent resurgence since I’ve been in Minnesota. It’s got a really fun cropped jacket shape, but it’s bulky and hard to wear under a coat. It’s perfect if you are just running out to the car, or into a store, and with this mild winter we are having up here I’ve been reaching for it often. This is my pattern, too!

11. The Two Boyfriends Cardigan: Frogged. It was too big for me. I knit it as a sample thinking it would be a 36 with 2″ positive ease, but it ended up being more like a 40″ with 2″ positive ease. I wrote the pattern up and adjusted for this error, but the sample was no good to me.

12. Melvie: I’ve only worn it once or twice. My work from home schedule doesn’t have me dressing up very often, and the few times I’ve worn it have been for more dress up occasions. I love it! I just don’t have many occasions to wear it.

Bergen Street Cardigan

13. Bergen Street Cardigan: I’m wearing this sweater right now! It’s become my go to house coat sweater. The table where I sit and work is right next to a big drafty window, so I’m usually bundled up in this beautiful sweater. It’s a go-to, and I still love it!

14: Charvet Pullover: Yep! Still love it and still wear it often. It’s a pretty loud sweater, but it’s easy to pull over a long sleeved tee and wear kind of like a coat. The pattern was fantastic and I absolutely love the result!

15. Beatnik: Of all of the sweaters I’ve made, this is the one I’ve worn the most, I think. It’s my go-to sweater for when I know I’ll be around knitters, and any kinda nice dinners or nights out. Those cables dress it up! It’s warm and cozy, and the fit is perfect. In short, I love it! I’d knit 14 more of them.

Make Up Your Mind

16. Make Up Your Mind: Yes! I wore the crap out of this tank at the end of last summer. It dresses up a wife beater without making you too hot. The only problem is that with a couple wearings it stretches out a bit, and sometimes it gets stuck in my wash pile for a long time before I get to it. I’d size down if using this yarn and knitting this pattern if I were to do it again.

17. 2nd The Loop Entrelac Tank: For whatever reason, I haven’t worn this sweater yet. Maybe because I already had one it wasn’t new enough for me to put it into immediate rotation, and since I finished MUYM at the same time I hit that one harder than this sweater. I think this summer will be different! It’s such a beautiful color it’s too beautiful not to want to wear all the time.

18: #25 Rib Yoke Topper: Nope. I’ve worn it once. I’m still pretty pissed at this sweater because of how terrible the pattern was, but more than that, it’s kind of an awkward sweater to wear. It’s a transition piece, and just too bulky to wear under a coat, so you’ve got to wear it as a coat, and by the time I finished knitting it in October it was mostly too cold to walk around in just a sweater. I’m hoping this spring it makes it’s proper debut.


19. Aidez: Yes! I love this sweater and wear it all the time! Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky is a little pill-y, so it is in desperate need of a shave, but I’ve grabbed this sweater on the way out the door as a coat any time it’s over 35 since I finished it in December. I don’t wear the belt, though. I wear it open with a big scarf.

20: Short Row Sweater: Since its sparkly, and really light, and since I just finished it 2 months ago, I’ve only worn it once, on New Years Eve. I’m expecting this goes in to rotation once it gets warm out, over a tank. I’m not selling your wear-ability SHORT, short row sweater! … oh god.

And that is it! 20 selfishly knit sweaters in about 3 years, and most of them I still wear. Not a bad average. Something tells me that will be going up over the next 3 years!

Style Your Knits: Dollar and a Half Cardigan

Librarian HOTT

I promised a Style Your Knits was coming really soon and here I am to deliver!

Even more than just a regular Style Your Knits, though, this is a Style Your Knits: Brother’s Wedding Edition.

(And yes, it is perfectly acceptable to dress like a sexy librarian when your brother gives you a one week notice he is getting married.)

I’ve got to give myself some credit for rocking this look as hard as I am. These pictures were taken at about 2:30 EST. After I drove 4 hours (traffic getting out of Chicago was nuts and added over an hour to the normally manageable drive). After I trained up to O’Hare to rent the car. After I woke up at 7 CST to finish unpacking from Portland and packing for Michigan.

Not that I’m complaining. I’m just stating facts. It’s not every day your little brother gets married and I would have driven a lot farther, CTAed a lot longer, and woken up a lot earlier, to be there.

LOVE That Sweater!

I’m just saying that I pulled it together in the clutch. Just like Kirk Gibson during the 1984 World Series, commemorated on the wall behind me.

Sexy Lean

My mom’s house is a pretty great background for these pictures. She weaves all the baskets hanging from the ceiling and on the walls. The wood walls make everything look better. There are books on every wall and hand made things sticking out of every corner.

That pile of red on the table is my Mrs Darcy Cardigan.

And full disclosure: I haven’t taken Dollar and a Half off since I’ve finished it. This is officially the fifth day in a row I could have shaped a Style Your Knits around this sweater.

It. Is. Perfect.

Sweater: Dollar and a Half Cardigan

Top: Target, a million years old

Skirt: Old Navy

Tights: Meijer

Shoes: Ann Marino, and yes I wear them any time I have to dress up

Bag: Estate sale in Portland

FO: Dollar and a Half Cardigan

Dollar and a Half Cardigan

It feels like this sweater has taken me forever, but I started it on January 30th, intending it to be my February Sweater. I put it aside for two weeks for the ravelympics or I would have been finished with it much sooner.

Couldn't Fit Any Better!

We’ve been through a lot, Dollar and a Half and I. The cable band side should not at all be striped, and the front shaping should have started much lower.

Stupid Cabled Stripes!

It kinda looks like it should be striped, right? When I look at the original sweater, the way it should be, it looks… wrong.


I’m in love with the stripes! And could I look skinnier in this sweater? So much for horizontal stripes making you look fat.

Fabric Buttons and Stripes Galore

I messed this sweater up royally and it still turned out great. This is a great example of going with the flow! The cable looks great against the mistake-striped background.

I love how the reverse stockinette stitch isn’t bubbly because I used size 4s for those sections and size 6s for the lace sections.

And I love my buttons! I used the plaid fabric I found at the estate sale in Portland to cover my buttons and it couldn’t be better. I had plaid fabric in mind the entire time and it came together beautifully. The buttons are so small, 5/8 inch, that it wouldn’t have mattered what I covered them with, but I love the plaid pop.

I’m still standing by my statement that I will never use normal buttons ever again. I should take out stock in fabric covered buttons right now.

The yarn is perfect, too. Knit Picks CotLin knits up really well. It’s nice and light and the color is beautiful. I will use this yarn again really soon.

I Love You!

I can’t wait to show the girls tonight in Sweater Club! And get ready for a Style Your Knits starring Dollar and a Half REALLY soon.

Pattern: Dollar and a Half Cardigan, Interweave Knits Spring 2007

Yarn: Knit Picks CotLin in Planetarium

Needles: Size 6s and 4s, both circulars

Ravelry Page Here

Ten Things to do While Staying in Portland, Part One

1. Look at lots of yarn.

Twisted -

Happy Lady!

2. Shop for records.

PT in Mississippi Records

3. Cause trouble in the Portland Children’s Museum.

Lucas and PT Disregarding the Wobble Warning

4. Drink a lot of wine and eat a lot of food at the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival.


PT Loves the Sushi

Look at that Hot Cowl!

5. Touch a tsunami!

Oregon Coast

Lucas, PT, and Random Dog

What Tsunami Advisory?

6. See bald eagles!

Eagles We Haven't Killed!

7. Find a new place to live.

Cape Foulweather

8. Admire very large rainbows.


9. Finish your Dollar and a Half Cardigan!

Dollar and a Half, Pre-Block

10. Start your March Sweater, Mrs Darcy Cardigan.

Mrs Darcy!

More Than I Can Chew

Sleeves, Kinda

When we last checked in with my Dollar and a Half Cardigan I had just discovered two major errors. I was finished with the body and one side. Since then I’ve finished the second side and have got a good 8 inches of two sleeves finished.

Will I finish this sweater before the Ravelympics start during the opening ceremony of the Olympics tomorrow night? No way in hell. I’m saying it right now. There is no way I can finish those sleeves, attach everything, and knit the front button bands, by tomorrow night.

I know what you are saying. ‘Allyson, you should have figured that out a long time ago.’ And you are exactly right. What was I thinking? I am one woman! Frantically knitting a lot a sweater!

Geez, Allyson. Geez.

So what is the plan? I want to start my Hoodie Devoted! But I lent out the needles I need for that pattern. Which sucks because I need this hood!

Hoodie Devoted

I mean, come on. Everyone needs this hood. So I don’t really have a plan. WHY AM I SO UNPREPARED?! It’s really unlike me. I’m blaming Dollar and a Half. She has been zapping up all of my energy.

What do you have planned for the Ravelympics?! And I hope you are more prepared than I am!