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Delancey Cardigan ’

Delancey Sleeves are FINISHED!

Sleeves are always a little painful. That whole knitting two of the same thing thing is always hard. Second sleeve syndrome is real! I think everyone participating in this KAL has been feeling it this week.


I’m very happy to say that my sleeves are finished and looking awesome! It was a lot of sleeve, but now that it’s all over I’m really happy with the way they came out and, naturally, can’t remember how painful they were! It’s pretty important to have short term memory loss as a knitter.


But it’s a little bitter sweet because we are nearing the end of our KAL! This sweater being super cute is getting me through, though. So close, y’all!

SOL KAL Week 7: Finish Those Sleeves!

After two weeks of sleeve knitting you are an old pro, right? And I bet you can guess what we are doing this week. That is right! Finishing the final sleeve of out almost totally finished Delancey Cardigan! I know sleeve knitting has slowed because it’s a little mind numbing, but we are in the final stretch! Put on a movie you love and push through!

Lily's Delancey

This Week’s Delancey Cardigan Goal: Finish your second sleeve. Yeah, it’s a little painful, but you can see that the end is near! And next week we get to do something completely different. There is a silver lining!

Nola's Delancey

Email me questions or ask them on the forum! And be sure to share sleeve progress pics!

Courtney's Delancey

Happy knitting!

My Mom's Delancey

Laura's Delancey

A Giant Pudge in the Way

So I finished up this week’s Delancey Cardigan knit along assignment and just as I was setting up to shoot it I encountered an obstacle.

Fat Cat

In the form of my gigantic cat Pudge Rodriguez. It would be rude to move her (since, you know, she doesn’t sleep 22 hours a day or anything) so I just kind of worked around her.

One sleeve finished, and the second sleeve started! Pudge obviously approves.

Second Sleeve Start! ... and Pudge

The short rows for the second sleeve went a lot faster than the first. I might attribute that to Rob Lowe. I just started watching Brothers & Sisters, and despite it being a pretty boring show about a bunch of rich white people, Rob Lowe is SUPER HOT in it, and everything is a little easier when you are watching him being sexy and adorable.

I digress. Wait, I DO NOT DIGRESS!


SOL KAL Week 6: More Sleeves, Please!

A lot of KALers had trouble with the picked up stitches and short rows that make up the Delancey Cardigan sleeves, but we worked through it and now have a healthy start to our first sleeve. Thank god for stripes, right? They break up the St st in the round knitting to make it work up as quickly as possible. And that is a good thing since this week is more sleeves!

Lauren's Delancey

This Week’s Delancey Cardigan Goal: Work another big chunk of sleeve. This week we’ll be finishing the first sleeve and getting about 8-10” into the second sleeve. So more short rows! But by now you are an expert so I know it will be a lot easier than last week.

Stefanie's Delancey

This week’s instructions are short and sweet. Keep working through those sleeves and we are going to have finished cardigans in no time! Email me questions or ask them on the forum! And be sure to share sleeve progress pics!

Sarah's Delancey

Happy knitting!

Courtney's Delancey

Jamie's Delancey - Short Sleeves!

My Mom's Delancey

Emily's Delancey

Laura's Delancey

Let There Be SLEEVES!

So after our catch up week last week, the Delancey Cardigan KAL is back in full effect, and we are tackling the sleeves.

Picked Up Sleeves

There have been a lot of issues with picking up stitches around the armhole and working short rows to shape the shoulder, so I took some close ups of my armhole after I finished it to help KALers work it. If you are having trouble, check out our ravelry forum for helpful tips.

16" of Sleeve!

And here is my week’s progress! I’ve got about 16″ of my first sleeve worked. These stripes aren’t as fun as the bias knit stripes from the body, but they are still giving me enough to pay attention to that these sleeves are flying by. 16″ down, about 34″ to go.

Though by the time I’m done with this sweater it will be summer already! It’s mid March and 75 degrees in Minneapolis and I already feel stupid about knitting a wool sweater. What the hell, Midwest?!