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Delancey Cardigan ’

Delancey Cardigan KAL Finished Sweaters!

We’ve come to the end of our Delancey Cardigan knit along. Luckily the end of a knit along means a finished sweater for our participants! This KAL had the highest participation of any of my KALs to date, and the highest finish rate. Take a look at these beautiful sweaters!

Amy's Delancey Cardigan

Theresa's Delancey Cardigan

easdemers's Delancey Cardigan

Nola's Delancey Cardigan

Jamie's Delancey Cardigan

Sarah's Delancey Cardigan

Karen's Delancey Cardigan


Joyatee's Delancey Cardigan

Dagny's Delancey Cardigan

Courtney's Delancey Cardigan

Laura's Delancey Cardigan

Sherrin's Delancey Cardigan

Lily's Delancey


My Mom's Delancey Cardigan

Emily's Delancey Cardigan

Cathy's Delancey Cardigan

A huge thank you to everyone that participated! We had 15 finished sweaters, which is an all time Sweatshop knit along high! picked sweater #5 to win an Alexis Winslow pattern, and that sweater belongs to Jamie! Congrat’s girl! I’ll email you your KAL prize details!

We’ll be kicking off another KAL soon. Why not, right?! They are SO FUN! I’m already missing knitting along with you guys!

FO: Delancey Cardigan

I feel like this has been a long time coming! I’m so excited to finally have my Delancey Cardigan finished and ready to wear constantly.

Delancey! Delancey!

I’m in love. It fits great, the colors are ridiculous – I pretty much feel like I’ve branded myself SWEATSHOP OF LOVE when I’m wearing it – but hey, nothing wrong with branding, right?

And It Looks Good With My Lions Shirt!

I seamed down the collar and it was an amazing decision. It was looking weird the way the outermost blue section was the only part flipping down. I don’t know if it was because I used two different yarns or if it was just that the collar needed to be bigger, but seamed down it looks great and now I don’t have to worry about it looking weird while I’m wearing it.

The Back is My Favorite!

And I’m pretty in love with the little stripe I added to the bottom band! It adds a little more interest. Like this sweater needed more interest! Go big or go home.

Stripes and Buttons Galore!

I’m not a buttoner, really, and it’s a good thing. It’s pretty pully. I meant to button it up to show how it ended up fitting, but, as you can see, that didn’t happen.

Knitting the shorter version was the right answer, and knitting the smallest size worked out perfectly. But this means the end of another knit along! I’ll be sharing more finished Delancey Cardigans from the KAL on Monday. There are a few trickling in on the FO forum and they are all looking awesome.

Pattern: Delancey Cardigan by Alexis Winslow

Yarn: Knit Picks Swish DK in Gulfstream and Knit Picks Brava Sport in Canary

Needle: Size 7

Ravelry Project Page

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Delancey Cardigan Finishing Week

It’s technically week 9 of our 8 week Delancey Cardigan knit along, but who is really counting? This week we are sewing on buttons, weaving in ends, and blocking in order to submit our finished picture in the FO forum by April 15th for a chance to win another Alexis Winslow pattern!

Sarah's Delancey

I know I’ll be running out to find some cute buttons for my Delancey in the next day our two. Let the button stressing begin!

Cathy's Delancey

Laura's Delancey

Lily's Delancey

Just a few in progress shots to share before the big FO post next week. There are already beautiful sweaters rolling in, and I can’t wait to see them all as they come in this week!


My Delancey is Blocking!

It’s the calm before the storm around here! I’m gearing up to launch Holla Knits on the 16th, so I’ve got all the samples knit up and am just putting on finishing touches, ironing, and sitting on the computer a TON, scheduling a blog tour, writing a TON of blog posts and write ups in preparation for launch day. Break time has been Delancey Cardigan knitting!

Delancey Blocking Away!

As you can see I’ve been making a lot of time for breaks! I’ve got the bottom band and entire collar finished up. My Delancey is blocking and looking super sexy, if I do say so myself.

And the Back is Looking Hot, Too!

I slid it on while it was still pretty wet because I couldn’t help myself, and I think it is going to be the perfect size! The colors look fantastic, and I can’t wait to dig out some buttons and finish this sweater up.


See what I did to the bottom band? I jazzed it up a little by adding a stripe of contrasting color. Why not?!

Buttons soon, and then I’ll be showing off this hot sweater FO soon!

SOL KAL Week 8: It’s Finishing Time

I can’t believe it! After over two months of working on our Delancey Cardigans, our knit along is almost over. This week we are tackling both the lower border, button band AND collars of our sweaters. Sound like a lot? It kind of is! But you’ve got two weeks to finish your sweater completely in order to qualify for our knit along giveaway, so we should be calling this SOL KAL Weeks 8-9.

Joyatee's Delancey

What? You didn’t know there was a giveaway associated with this knit along? Well there is! Email me a picture or post a picture on our Delancey Cardigan FO forum page before Sunday April 15th for a chance to win a pattern of your choice from Alexis Winslow! Fun right? A little added motivation to weave in all those ends never hurts!

Gwen's Delancey

So this week we are picking up a ton of stitches! Around the bottom of your sweater for the lower edge, then picking up stitches all around the front and neck edge for the collar and button band. Practice makes perfect!

Courtney's Delancey

This Week’s Delancey Cardigan Goal: Finish your sweater! This includes the lower edge, the collar, and the button band. Then you’ll weave in all those ends, add buttons, and block to get a perfect fit. A LOT? Yes. But remember! You’ve got until April 15th, another whole week, to get all this finished. So don’t panic! You can do it. It’s all garter stitch anyway, right? Easy peasy!

My Mom's Delancey

Email me questions or ask them on the forum! And be sure to email me your FO sweater or post it on our FO forum page to enter to win a pattern from Alexis Winslow!

Happy knitting!