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Gratuitous Cute Baby Pics

After a week in Spain I went home to Michigan to snuggle babies and spend time with my family.

Baby Ryenn

But lets face it. I got home, I take pictures of my brother’s beautiful babies, my blog hits go way up! So who am I to get in the way of what people want?

Baby Nolan

Baby Ryenn crawled for the first time when I was there, and Baby Nolan almost thinks it’s fun when I steal his toys and run to get him to chase me.


It’s just such a shame that I won’t be able to have children now because their cuteness will pale in comparison to these two.

Spain, Here We Come!

It’s not like I’ve been talking about it constantly for the past month or anything, but TODAY PT and I are off to SPAIN! SPAIN! hehehe

First up? A Megabus trip from Minneapolis to Chicago, where flights to Spain were much cheaper. We’ll be hanging out with Chicago friends for the evening then leaving for Spain from Ohare tomorrow afternoon. We’ll be spending two nights in Madrid before traveling north to spend next week with my friend Kirsten, who is spending the entire winter in Spain.

Next Friday we’re headed back to Chicago. And from there I’m headed to Michigan for a week with my family before heading back to Minneapolis on the 8th.

Got all that? Me either. All I know is that is a LOT of traveling! Like 50 hours of traveling over the course of 15 days means a ton of knitting time. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe it!

So I’ll be pretty MIA until March 9th. I’ve got blog posts scheduled, and I’ll be keeping up with the KAL instructions, and even blogging like mad over at Holla Knits! And you can be sure to be knocked in the face with pictures of Spain when I’m back.

Take care of yourselves, and I can’t wait to catch up with you in two weeks!

FO: The Loop Entrelac Tank

I know. It’s showing off. Yesterday I got to show you my Make Up Your Mind tank and today I’ve got my The Loop Entrelac Tank hot off the needles!

The Loop! Looking Sexy!

Yes, I paid too much for that tiny skirt so I’m getting it as much face time as humanly possible, and trying to prove to myself that it can be worn with anything! My Make Up Your Mind AND my The Loop Entrelac Tank!

Just Chilling by the Logs!

But enough about the skirt, let’s talk about that tank! I expressed my concern for it being too small when I finished the front, so I added more stitches when I cast on for the back, increased more than was instructed, and blocked aggressively. And it fits! I wish it had a little more flow in the tummy area, but it fits and I’m just going to have to eat like a tiny bird when I wear it.

Boob Shot

Could the construction of the front of this tank be any more flattering? From the yarn over increases to where the entrelac is placed and crisscrossed, it all works. I like it in one color, too! It’s almost too commercial looking, you know?

Yep! Arnold is Still Under There!

The one thing I’m not happy with is the side seam. I really don’t know what I was thinking with the visible, hole increases. It looks messy. But with boobs like that who is going to be looking at my seams? AM I RIGHT?!


I’m really happy I revisited this pattern. It was fun to knit (besides that never ending K1P1 rib in the back that I neglected to take a picture of!), turned out great, and totally wearable. I hope you guys all had as much fun knitting it as I did!

Pattern: My The Loop Entrelac Tank

Yarn: Knit Picks Simply Cotton Sport in Bermuda Heather

Needles: Size 4s and 7s

Ravelry Project Page

FO: Make Up Your Mind

Hello from Minneapolis! Before I left I used my mom’s beautiful house as a backdrop for my knit along sweater FO shots. I don’t think she’ll mind.

Make Up Your Mind!

How cute is this tank?! It fits well, even though I was going for a larger, looser top. The 4″ I added worked out perfectly – I love the longer length. It will be a really great tank to just throw on to cover up the fact that I’m just wearing a wife beater.

LONG and Pretty!

I added 4 rows of single crochet to the bottom and I love the loop. It’s weighting the top down nicely, as you can see here, and adds yet another texture. You can also see that the neckline bind off is a little loose. I’m going to see how this plays out during a day’s wear and maybe add a line of single crochet along the neckline, too.

Me and Pug Baby Otis

I got a couple visits while I was doing this shoot! Pug Baby Otis needed to get some camera time, and what’s that under my chair?

Arnold Sleeping Away

My mom’s cat Arnold. He hung out on the back deck between squirrel killings the entire time I was in Michigan.

Hot From The Back, Too!

I had to modify the back because I was following two sizes – my stitch count was for size 44 but my inches and sizing was coming from size 36, so I got to the inches I needed before my stitch count was right all the way through making the back, but it all turned out!


How much do I love this top? THIS MUCH! We made it through some issues with the armhole shaping, but other than that this top was a total joy to knit and I’m excited to wear it all summer!

Pattern: Julie of Knitted Bliss‘s Make Up Your Mind

Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Fingering in Hollyberry

Needles: Size 6 circulars

Ravelry Project Page

Goodbye Michigan

I’ve been hanging out in Michigan for more than two weeks, helping out with the babies and hanging out with my family. This time has flown by!

Baby Ryenn

Remember that outfit I made for yet-to-be-named baby niece back in March? Ryenn’s mom decided it should be her outfit for her announcements! It doesn’t get much cuter than that, right? For project details check out my rav page.

Cherry Pie!

We’ve also done a huge amount of eating. We picked cherries and made pies and cherry butter! We’ve been feasting on my mom’s garden. I’ve barely left the house. It’s been glorious.

But I’m headed back to Minneapolis tomorrow. You know what is hard to get to from West Michigan? Minneapolis. It’s either a $300 plane ticket with a layover in Milwaukee or a 13 hour Amtrak to MegaBus shitshow that will save me about $250. You know what this Dutch girl picked.

I’ve had a couple 13 hour travel days. From Michigan to New York City last summer. From Minneapolis to Michigan for Christmas last year. I’ve got projects lined up, snacks packed, and a visit with my best girl Rachel in Chicago during my transfer. I’m as prepared as I can be!

I’ll be sharing KAL FOs when I get myself organized! I can’t wait to share how they turned out!