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😍 Check Out All These Great Adventure Tees! 😍

Our Choose Your Own Adventure Tee Along is over, and we had 13 beautiful sweaters finished by yesterday’s deadline! Congrats to everyone who finished in time to qualify for all the amazing prizes!

My finished striped tee!

My finished striped tee!

My elbow length cropped tee!

My elbow length cropped tee!

amkishel's tee

amkishel’s tee

katriddell's tee

katriddell’s tee

hanoverknitter's tee

hanoverknitter’s tee

jentober's tee

jentober’s tee

canarysanctuary's cropped tee

canarysanctuary’s cropped tee

katknitstitch's tee

katknitstitch’s tee

AussieCole's tee

AussieCole’s tee

mccatlady's tee

mccatlady’s tee

knitnwithdogs' tee

knitnwithdogs’ tee

robinhlavacek's tee

robinhlavacek’s tee

kathlean's tunic

kathlean’s tunic

Inspired? Grab the pattern to knit your own tee!

I’ll be handing out prizes today to all the FOs today. To those of you still teeing along – keep up the amazing work! We’ve still got a ton of summer left and a ton of time to get some wear out of your sweaters. You can do it!

Halfway Point! Choose Your Own Adventure Tee Along!

Our Adventure Tee Along has been rolling along and there are tons of fun tee WIPs to show off!

Tee Along WIPs!

Tee Along WIPs!

We’ve reached the halfway point but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to start.

Tee Along Details!

FO Deadline: Monday September 5th (Labor Day)
Tee Along Participation Thread
Everyone who finishes gets any Allyson Dykhuizen pattern of their choice
Grand Prizes:
Signed copy of Midwestern Knits
2 skeins Lambs Pride Worsted
4 balls Knit Picks Andean Treasure in Fog Heather & Midnight Heather
1 skein Mrs Crosby Carpet Bag in Hot Pimento
1 skein Lorna’s Laces Solemate in April Showers
1 skein Lorna’s Laces Solemate in Niagra
1 skein Knit Picks Hawthorne Sport in Beaumont

To qualify for prizes you must post a picture of your finished tee in the Tee Along FO thread by midnight on Monday September 5th. Everyone who posts will win a pattern of their choice. Everyone will be entered to win a grand prize.


Teresa's Adorable Tee!

Teresa’s Adorable Tee!

We’ve even had our first tee along FO! Congrats Teresa for knocking this cute lace version out!

Grab the pattern and join us. There is still plenty of time for you to knock out a tee and get a ton of wear out of it this summer!

Windy City Mystery KAL Clue #4

Getting so close to the end of our MKAL!


I collected a bunch of WIPs that were shared across the internet this week!


And mine is looking pretty good, too!


Coming together!

Remember! You can participate in the spoilers thread, or if you’re not into spoilers there is also a no spoilers thread for mystery purists! And it’s not too late to sign up – sign up! Cast on! Share! We’re getting closer to the end but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in.

Michigan Mitts KAL: Cast On Day!

Happy Michigan Mitts Knit Along Cast On Day everyone!

KAL Kicks off Today!

KAL Kicks off Today!

We’ve got 6 weeks to knit these fun mitts, so breaking that down is pretty easy. 3 weeks per mitten. Easy right?

Ebook Sale!

Just like with all the CO days, Midwestern Knits is on sale today only! Grab it for 20% off using coupon code KALKickOff.



So I kinda cheated with this one – for mittens and socks I want to swatch with the pattern. Since you have to check your gauge in the round anyway I just figure it’s easier to get started and if you’re wrong pull it out and start over. So here is my cuff! My gauge is almost exactly right so I’m rolling with it.

Plus kitty photo bomb!

I can’t wait to get to the chart! More on this soon I’m sure. And be sure to follow along in the Ravelry forum and on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using hashtags #MiMitts and #MWKKAL. Can’t wait to see your progress!

Mishigami KAL: Cast On Day!

Happy Mishigami Knit Along Cast On Day everyone!

KAL Kicks off TODAY!

KAL Kicks off TODAY!

We’ve got 3 months to knit up this beautiful sweater. Think we can do it?! I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to cast on later today and get started!

Ebook Sale!

To celebrate Mishigami’s KAL cast on day, Midwestern Knits ebook is 20% off if you use coupon code KALKickOff at check out – grab it now!

Swatch Time

Swatch Time

I wound up my first 2 colors – Knit Picks Gloss Fingering in Robot and Velveteen – and with my size 5 needles tackled that stitch pattern. I LOVE it! Looking at the sweater I thought that was some tricky stranding, but you only use one color at a time throughout. So much easier than I thought! And I love my first two colors together.

My swatch’s row count was a little short, but I’m not worrying about it. I figure I’ll be able to add rows here and there and just make sure I’m measuring along the way. Also I think the weight of the sweater will weigh that down as well. Since my stitch gauge was right on I didn’t want to mess with it. Size 5s and fingering weight yarn = stretching, so I’m sure it will all work out.

Right now our forum is a little quiet (by a little I mean a LOT quiet!) but hopefully someone joins me so I’m not KALing by myself. We’ve got until Jan 3rd so there’s lots of time for people who are getting started late.

Progress pics soon! And be sure to follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using hashtags #Mishigami and #MWKKAL.