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A Little Vacation, TNNA, and Blogging Struggles

It’s been quiet around here lately! It’s because my new years resolution this year was to spend less time doing things that make me zero dollars. I wrote a list of things I do in order of how much financial return I get from doing it and I spend the most time blogging with the smallest return.

I was trying to blog 3 days a week – Mon, Wed, and Fri. Last fall, ahead of my resolution, I went down to Mon & Thurs. This seems like a nice balance and I was able to schedule a months worth of blogs very easily and punch them out in the mornings before I went to the office.

At the beginning of April I got really busy, and we had a lot of trips lined up, and I referenced my list and axed things I didn’t need to do. Blogging got axed! I know in my own life I’m reading blogs a lot less than I ever have before, so its easy to see reader numbers going down and understand it.

So! That’s where I’m at. When something happens, a new pattern or something big, I schedule in a blog, but other than that I just haven’t been making the time to do it.

Sunday I leave on a 12 day excursion through New York, Baltimore, and ending in Washington DC for TNNA! I’ll be instagramming and snap chatting (find me @AllysonKnits), and as followers increase on those platforms like gangbusters and blog readership diminishes, maybe that is the way people are wanting their information delivered to them. For now anyway!

So I’ll see you on social media, blog readers!



YarnCon kicks off on Saturday so I just wanted to make sure you had all the information you need to join in the fun!

Bring an entry for the Dam Fine YarnCon-Test! Here is all the information you need for the contest. Here are your judges! Including ME! Here are all the prizes you could win!

Go to the YarnCon site for a list of vendors, food options, and directions.

I’ll be around all weekend! I’m helping Leah with the contest and I’ll be helping Lynn in the help booth in the balcony, so if you need help with your knitting we’ll be there! We’ll also be talking up the 1 Knit 1 Chicago kit club and offering people who sign up for the full year of kits free shipping!

Come to YarnCon! Enter the contest! Preorder the 1 Knit 1 Chicago kit club! Come knit with us! It’s going to be super fun. See you there!

The Sweatshop of Love at YarnCon!


YarnCon, Chicago’s indie fiber fair, is next weekend! YarnCon is a great place to come and check out local and country wide dyers, spinners, and yarn artists, as well as take classes and check out what is going on around the Chicago knitting scene.

I’ll be there ALL weekend long! I was honored to be asked to be one of the judges in the Damn Fine YarnCon-Test, new this year and shaping up to be SO so fun!

From YarnCon:

Ready to dig out your best work, or whip up a little something new, and win prizes for it? In partnership with Great Northern, the upcoming release of knit patterns inspired by the evergreen Twin Peaks TV series, we invite you to enter a Damn Fine YarnContest.

We have five categories to enter, with outstanding judges in each category:

  • Best Twin Peaks prop, judged by Great Northern author Leah Coccari-Swift
  • Best Accessory, judged by Midwestern Knits author Allyson Dykhuizen (WHOO HOO!)
  • Best Toy, judged by Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochiland
  • Best Use of Handspun Yarn, judged by Vera Videnovich, spinning instructor and proprietor of Atelier Videnovich
  • Best Garment, judged by Yarnbox creative director Lisa Whiting

One winner will be declared in each category, with all five judges conferring on one Best in Show grand prize to rule supreme (and get a extra-special prize package).

Fun right? Keep your eye on the YarnCon site for more info, but start thinking about all the ways you can win!


I’ve also got something else fun up my sleeve with Knit 1 – the 1 Knit 1 Chicago kit club! I’ll be rolling this out very soon, but we’ll be pre selling and sharing yarn, sneak peeks, and projects in the lounge at YarnCon all weekend so be sure to stop by and say hi!

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A Little Holiday Break!


Happy holidays everyone! I’m taking a little blog break until the new year. If you miss me I’ll still be posting to Instagram and twitter, so say hi over there. See you in 2016!

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