Last clue last CLUE!


I just caught up last night ahead of this clue release but didn’t snag a good picture! I’ll share it all next week.

Most of Clue 4!

Most of Clue 4!

Just a quick note about yarn quantities. If you started with less than 420 yards of each color or your gauge was a little larger than recommended – this section is designed to be in your CC color, but if you’re running out of yarn it will totally work to do a color blocking effect by starting in CC and finishing with any remaining MC.

Remember! You can participate in the spoilers thread, or if you’re not into spoilers there is also a no spoilers thread for mystery purists! And it’s not too late to sign up – sign up! Cast on! Share! We’re getting closer to the end but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in. You’re in the home stretch! Happy knitting!