Just a quick note that Shane and I are headed to Iceland for a (very) long weekend!

Blue Lagoon!

Blue Lagoon!

We’ll be here in like 18 hrs. YAY!

I thought this would be a good time to do a social media round up!

For this trip and general fun knitting/sewing/crafting I love to post to Instagram at @allysondykhuizen. I’m on twitter at @AllysonKnits! I’ve also been back on the Snapchat train since getting a new phone a few weeks ago, and you can find me there at at @AllysonKnits as well.

For more business stuff, I’m also good about promoting classes and events, patterns, and blog posts to facebook on The Sweatshop of Love facebook page and also at the Holla Knits facebook page.

I’ll be back at it on Thursday, April 14th so I’ll work through questions and issues then. In the mean time – happy knitting!

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