Last week I mentioned that I had to run out to Colorado for a little something something.

Me Getting Ready to Film!

Me Getting Ready to Film with Nick!

I was asked to create a couple how to videos that will be on Craft Daily!

My Hyde Park Legwarmers

My Hyde Park Legwarmers and Tulip Slouch

We filmed 4 videos in 2 days and once I got over being super terrified, it was really fun! But yeah, at first it was super terrifying. I couldn’t remember anything I was supposed to say! I just really couldn’t get my shit together!

View From my Seat!

View From my Seat, with Lindsay

It was a little intimidating looking out at all the equipment and everyone looking at me! But once I flubbed a bunch of times, I got into the swing of things and hopefully made some pretty good how to videos.

Me and Amy Palmer!

Me and Amy Palmer!

Plus I got to hang out with this lady! Amy Palmer, Threadpanda and editor of Knitscene, and I got to hang a lot before she ran off to TNNA and it was so much fun! I was really lucky to have a friend in Fort Collins to make staying there and shooting all those videos much less terrifying.

Looking Pretty Good!

Looking Pretty Good!

I’ll be sure to let everyone know when my videos are up on the Craft Daily site. I’m pretty excited to see them myself!