As you know, over the past year I’ve been really getting back into embroidery, even going so far as to launch a new embroidery pattern business with my friend Katie called Red Letter Day Stitches!

Here's to the Red White and Blue embroidery pattern for 4th of July - Red Letter Day Stitches

Here’s to the Red White and Blue embroidery pattern for 4th of July – Red Letter Day Stitches

This is our latest pattern for 4th of July, Here’s to the Red White and Blue.

Red Letter Day Stitches Subscription Sale!

We’ve got 5 patterns left to release in 2014 – Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve – and we wanted to have a subscription sale for people just interested in the patterns yet to be released. So this week you can subscribe to RLDSts for only $15 to get these yet to be released patterns.

These patterns are going to be CUTE we promise! Subscribe today and you’ll get each pattern when it’s released 1 month before each holiday for only $15!

And Some Cross Stitch!

While I was just in California with Katie I told you I was going to take a little knitting break, and I totally did! Look how much I got done of my Pretty Little Paris cross stitch while I was there:

Pretty Little Paris!

Pretty Little Paris!

ALL I want to do is work on this! But alas – I’m knitting my fingers off getting ready for the Fall Holla Knits Collection and a few other designs I’ve got down the pipeline. Soon, Pretty Little Paris! Soon!



Also, you’ve got to keep an eye on Red Letter Day Stitches because we’ve got something super fun up our sleeves! Especially if you are new to embroidery or need a refresher. And, you know, CUPCAKES! They’re so adorable! More soon.

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