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January, 2013

Christmas Present FOs: Quilted Tea Cozies

At the beginning of December I shared some vague quilting shots. All of those presents have now been given out and (hopefully!) are being used by all of the lucky recipients.

These are SIX sets of the Quilted Tea Cozy from Purl Bee, with pot holders.

A Set for ME!

A Set for ME!

As soon as I saw the tutorial I knew I needed a quilted tea cozy! So I went to JoAnn and got all the materials I needed. I had never quilted before, so I followed the directions to a T. It was really fun! I queued up a ton of episodes of The Office and just powered through it. After I made my quilt sandwich and cut out the pieces for the tea cozy I had a lot of quilt sandwich left that I didn’t want to waste, so I cut out three squares that I could easily turn into matching pot holders. Fun right?!

Pot Holders!

Pot Holders!

I loved mine so much that I just knew that a lot of ladies in my life would love a set, too, so I went back to the store and went crazy buying material and matching quilt binding and thread. It took me a good week to finish all the sewing. There is even some hand sewing in there! It was a PAIN to make six sets of these bad boys. But so lovely! I hope my gifted sets are getting as much use as mine has been!

My Mom's

My Mom’s

My second favorite set has to be the one I gave to my mom! This fabric I found at an estate sale in Portland. It’s got a special place in my heart, and I’m so glad it is now a tea cozy! Found fabric is fun that way, isn’t it?

Pin It Readers’ Choice Awards 2013

Sarah White over at is hosting the Readers’ Choice Awards, covering a ton of fun knitting topics that I thought I’d take a crack at as well! This first round is all write ins, and then the top vote getters in all categories are put through to the next round.

Favorite Knitting Related Blog

And while in my heart I’d love to vote for myself, is that lame? Let me just encourage you to vote for me! I kinda rock, right?!

1) Knitted Bliss – Julie has a really fun, easy writing style, her Modification Mondays posts are always fresh and amazing, and Baby Lila sure spices things up! Knitted Bliss has been a favorite blog of mine since I started reading knitting blogs.

2) Magical Grammar – Ann’s blog is lovely. It’s full of knitting and embroidery and screen grabs of the silly movies she is watching. Every time I see a new post I know I’m in for something thoughtful and fun. This is definitely a blog you should be reading.

3) Stash! The Knit Picks Staff Blog – The ladies over at Knit Picks are always doing something – and sharing it all on their blog! It’s kinda cheating! I wish I had a team of people helping me write my blog! These ladies keep it fresh and interesting with tutorials and lots of WIP and FO shots. And lots of time involving animals and babies! Like Thursday’s bunny in a sweater post. For real.

Favorite Knitwear Designer

1) Cirilia Rose – I love this lady. Everything she designs is fun to wear and knit, and I always want it all.

2) Jane Richmond – I’d love to design like Jane Richmond, but then I ALLYSON all over everything and things get crazy. Clean, textured, and cozy are all words I’d use to describe her designs, and that is pretty ideal.

3) … me. *sheepish*

Favorite Knitting Book of 2012

1) The Heritage Collection by Rohn Strong – I LOVED this book. The patterns are fantastic and the stories and histories of the designs makes you want to knit everything all the more.

2) Step it Up Knits by Vickie Howell – All knit accessories, all the time. This is a book I know I’ll be buying and giving away a lot. It’s perfect for beginner knitters, or knitters scared to try new things. I can’t recommend it enough!

3) Island by Jane Richmond – What’s better than one Jane Richmond design? FIVE Jane Richmond designs! Lovely, simple, textured, and BEAUTIFUL. I want one of everything!

That is how I’m voting! Get over to Sarah’s Readers’ Choice Awards to vote before February 11th. And let me know how you are voting!

FO: Uh-Ohs

I’m always on the look out for a cute baby toy pattern, because everyone is constantly having babies.


Uh-Ohs by Anna Hrachovec

I ran across this fun pattern by Mochimochi Land designer Anna Hrachovec while on the search for a tiny narwhal pattern, which I couldn’t find, but these Uh-Ohs were a perfect consolation prize.

Flip that Shit

Flip that Shit

My friends Chris and Anne are having a baby in April, so I knew I had some time to search for a fun project for their first baby, but I pounded these out over New Years weekend. The pattern is really fun, and despite needing to make 8 pretty annoying tiny feet/ears, were a pretty quick knit!


PERFECT Toy Circle

And they were a stash project! I used Knit Picks Palette, which I’ve got a ton of, and each little Ohs took probably 1/4th a skein. So I’ve got a lot more laying around for future Ohs! Which I will absolutely be making very soon.

Pattern: Uh-Ohs by Anna Hrachovec

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in Whirlpool and Edamame

Needles: Size 4 DPNs


Ravelry Project Page


FO: Houndstooth Bandana

Sometimes you just have to dig through your stash and bust out an amazing pattern that has been sitting in your ravelry queue for a while.

Houndstooth Bandana by Jocelyn Tunney

Houndstooth Bandana by Jocelyn Tunney

For me that project was this fun Houndstooth Bandana by Jocelyn Tunney. I’ve been really into houndstooth lately, and you guys know how much I love mixing patterns! So before I left Minneapolis for Michigan over Christmas I dug around in my stash and found a fun mix of yarns to cook this guy up with.

Knit Picks Mish Mash

Knit Picks Mish Mash

The yellow is Knit Picks Brava Sport in Canary, the grey is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Mist, and the white is Knit Picks Swish Worsted in White. I used about half of the skein of Brava, and two skeins of the WotA and Swish.

Houndstooth LOVE!

Houndstooth LOVE!

This is a pattern that totally tricked me. I’m pretty good at looking at something and figuring out how it was knit and what is going on where, but Jocelyn Tunney had me fooled with this one! I really loved knitting this project, but it has a lot of pretty annoying elements. For some reason they didn’t bother me in the least, but when I tell other knitters about it they all freak. It’s many inches of a short amount of ribbing, it’s a LOT of picking up stitches. A lot. So much so that my 36″ circulars couldn’t handle them all and SNAPPED! It was intense.

Slight Modification

Slight Modification

It is probably because I used worsted weight grey and white yarn and sport weight yellow, but I had to use more of the top band to pick up the correct number of stitches, so instead of having the long strips of yellow at the end, I’ve got kind of squatty ends. But other than that I followed this pattern to a T and loved every second of it.

And I’ve been wearing it pretty nonstop since I finished it!

Pattern: Houndstooth Bandana by Jocelyn Tunney

Yarn: Knit Picks Brava Sport, Knit Picks Swish Worsted, Knit Picks Wool of the Andes

Needles: Size 4 36″ circs

 Ravelry Project Page


I don’t often get knitted presents from people. I guess they probably figure I could make anything I’d want myself – and I know my mom doesn’t knit for me because she is worried I’ll find and point out any mistakes she has made!

Beautiful Stranded Mittens!

Beautiful Stranded Mittens!

So when I got these beautiful stranded mittens from my friend Katie, I was blown away! She blogged about them here – Falling Leaves Mittens.

Mitten Fronts

Mitten Fronts

When I got them I thought she was using some really gradually variegated yarn, but it’s actually 6 different colors of Knit Picks Palette, used a couple rows at a time. Amazing right?!

I’m pretty scared to wear them out. I’m SO scared I’m going to leave them on the bus, or drop one somewhere. I need like, mitten clips or something! But so far so good, and I wear them EVERYWHERE! I love them, and everyone freaks out when they see them, too!