Last night my beloved Tigers got beat by the Giants in the World Series. It’s the second time I’ve watched them get annihilated in the World Series, and this year I took it a lot better. I think because this has all just been bonus baseball! The Tigers never looked like a World Series bound team, so since like mid September when they started playing well and we all started to think MAYBE they could make it, it’s just been a crazy fun ride.

Double Dipping

The most wonderful thing ever? When you have to pull your second TV out of the closet because you have playoff baseball to watch on football Sunday.

Rain OUT!

I was lucky enough to go to Detroit last week for the Championship Series! We partied through a game 4 rain out.


Then partied through a warm and sunny game 4 Yankee sweep the next day to become American League Champions! And it was one of the best things I’ve ever gotten to see live.

So this morning I’m sad that they couldn’t make it happen, but feeling so lucky to be so miserable. Only one team gets to lose the World Series, and that was my team! Everyone else has been without baseball for weeks now.

But tonight at 7pm when I’m looking for a movie to watch instead of tuning into my baseball game it will really sink in. Summer is over. I’m baseball-less until March, when I can be obsessive/miserable/excited/happy all over again.