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August, 2012

Sign Up For My Craftsy Class!

I’m hosting an online class on Craftsy! It’s the September Knit Along, and it’s going to be fun!

September Knit Along!

When you sign up for this class you’ll get a skein of Fiesta Baby Boom, the pattern, and access to the online class with step by step instructions and over 30 pictures to help you through the pattern every step of the way.

Ridgewood Reversible Shawlette

This shawlette I designed is really fun because it’s completely reversible. It’s full of reversible stitch patterns, including reversible cables, and will really keep you on your toes!

Cute Scarf!

And it’s got a little extra length so it will wrap up nicely as the temperatures cool down.

Check out more information about the pattern here, and be sure to sign up for the class here!

Pin It

Tulip Slouch Now Available for Download!

You remember my cute Tulip Slouch from the Spring 2012 Knitscene?

Tulip Slouch

Well it’s now available for individual download!

Download Now!

So if you couldn’t get a hold of the magazine, or need to knit this hat NOW for fall, it’s only one click away!

Now on Instagram!

So I’m late to this Instagram party because I’ve had a blackberry for the past two years, but with my phone upgrade came an Instagram download and a new obsession. It’s FUN! It’s fun because all the people I follow so far pretty exclusively share pictures of cats, food, and yarn.

Feet Swift, Blue Toes

Miss Tara Shade and her Baby Jerome!

Automated Teller Machine Machine

Dropped Stitch On Purpose

PT and Pudge Rodriguez

Find me on instagram at: allysondykhuizen

Knitter’s Pride Video Contest

Knitter’s Pride makes all kinds of knitting needles and crochet hooks that are available all over the USA and Canada. Their interchangeable needle sets are super covet-able, and I’m pretty in love with the beautiful colors their DPNs come in!

Show Your Pride!

They are holding a video contest over the next couple months and offering up all kinds of prizes, including deluxe needle kits, for videos posted by fans of their needles. They’ve got themes for the videos, and each video made wins a shall pin! Grand prizes are awarded every month. For full information check out the Knitters Pride Show Your Pride page.

Sweeten the pot? Mention The Sweatshop of Love, Holla Knits, or WORK+SHELTER in your video and I’ll post your video here on the blog and shoot you over a knit or crochet kit of your choice out of my Etsy shop!

So pull out your video camera, iphone, or flipcam and get cracking!

Crafting an Effective Blog Chat

Yesterday I was a guest in a live chat with my friends Sister Diane of CraftyPod and Tara Swiger about crafting an effective blog for your crafty business.

Tara and Diane are teaching a class that starts Monday about effective blogging for your business, so if you’ve been thinking about starting a blog for your business, or if you want to learn how to make yours work harder for your business, sign up!

In this video Tara, Diane, Stacey of Fresh Stitches, Abby of While She Naps, and I chat about how our blogs started, what they do for our business, and how we make them work for our businesses. There is a lot of great information shared by all of these fantastic women, and a lot of giggling! Check it out and let me know what you think.