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May, 2012

Outside My Window

Ruth at Rock + Purl is running a year of guest posts on Sundays on her blog, and it was my turn this past Sunday. The topic was Outside My Window, and I’ve got a couple of those!

I’ve been living in both Minneapolis MN and Chicago IL for the past two years. My boyfriend is on a career finding mission and moved from Chicago to New York City to Minneapolis in 2010, and I’ve been spending a few months here and a few months there ever since.

So, yes, obviously I can’t commit. But you wouldn’t be able to commit after spending time in both of these cities, too.


I moved to Chicago in 2003 for college and never left. It’s a crazy fun city full of crazy fun people. I started my business there, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for Chicago, and I can’t let go.


I came to Minneapolis picturing a frozen tundra full of blondes and mayonnaise salads. I was partly right – even growing up in Michigan didn’t prepare me for the coldest cold! But Minneapolis really surprised me with its cozy warmth and beauty, and I’ve loved every day I’ve spent here. It’s the best parts of my home state of Michigan and the big city of Chicago put together.


One day I’m going to have to stop playing both sides of the fence, but I’m glad that day is not today. It’s Memorial Day weekend here in America, the official kickoff to summer, and there is no better place to spend a summer than Chicago/Minneapolis, and I’m going to take advantage of every second.

MSP -> CHI -> MI

Today I’m headed to Chicago on the trusty Megabus for few days to get my Chicago apartment packed up and in better shape for my sub-letters and to hang out with friends before heading to Michigan for an extended stay.

The original plan was to come back to Chicago for this summer this weekend, but that is obviously not going to happen. My family needs me so I’ll be spending the next few weeks in Michigan, snuggling babies and spending time with my mom.

Life is pretty up in the air right now, which is exciting and scary. Nomad life is getting a little old, and I’m spreading myself very thin, so I can’t keep flitting off and spending weeks and months at a time in different states forever. But summer is here and I might as well buy myself a new bikini, grab my needles, and figure all that out later.

And yeah. Baby pics soon!

My Reservoir Mitts in the New Knitscene Accessories!

I’ve got a new fingerless gloves pattern in the new issue of Knitscene Accessories!

Reservoir Mitts

These fingerless gloves have an entrelac panel on the back of the hand, then the rest of the body of the mitts are built off them by picking up stitches and seaming as you go for each section. It’s intense, but so fun!

Hand Panel, Individual Fingers

They also have a skinny seed stitch band seamed in across the wrist for some extra flare. I was given Lorna’s Laces for these mitts and used Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Multi for the entrelac and Solid for the rest of the mitts. I had pitched these mitts as a three color project, using two contrasting colors striped in through the entrelac, and then a main color for the rest of the mitts, but using a variegated yarn for the enrelac panel is a great solution, too. This would be a great sock yarn stash buster, too!

Cute from All Angles!

My mitt pattern is just one of a bunch of beautiful accessories patterns in this special issue. Find the full Knitscene Accessories 2012 preview here. You can buy the digital download here, preorder a copy here, or keep your eyes peeled for the issue on news stands on June 5th. And be sure to favorite it and queue it at the Ravelry Pattern Page!

RIP Handmade Ryan Gosling


For the past few months I’ve been helping out with Handmade Ryan Gosling, and today we are shutting him down.

Goodbye Ryan

He has been saying goodbye all week with posts Ashley, Katie, and I have come up with, and it’s been the longest breakup ever. It’s funny how we emailed about the goodbye week, came up with some good options, but then seeing them on the tumblr really sends the message home! Each post this week has been like a slap in the face. How could Handmade Ryan be dumping us?! Unacceptable!


It’s been really fun working on such a silly (and pretty darn popular) project, and I’m sad to see Ryan go. But all good memes must come to an end, so farewell, Handmade Ryan, every time PT uses my fabric scissors to cut open a package I’ll think of you.

FO: Lace Striped Summer Sweater

I finished this sweater weeks ago and have been wearing it pretty much every time I leave the house, just never when I also have my camera on me. Until this weekend!

Stash Buster!

I blogged about starting this sweater almost a month ago, and it’s such a ridiculously quick knit I’ve had it finished for almost that long. If I didn’t have a lot of projects lined up right now I’d knit more in different colors. It’s so fun and easy to wear.

From the Back

I changed colors while working the last lace row of each section, not the St st row, and I love the way this looks. You can see that it looks like the colors are tied together. This fun detail makes me wish I could make one with stripes of different colors for all sections. Someday!

Three Stripes Will Have To Do

For now I’m just happy to have this tee, now in desperate need of a wash, to wear all summer long.

Pattern: WORK+SHELTER Lace Striped Tee by Allyson Dykhuizen

Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Sea Foam and Ivory, and Knit Picks CotLin in Tomato

Needles: Size 9 24″ and 16″ circulars

Ravelry Project Page

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