Even though Holla Knits just came out a week ago, I’ve been done with all the Holla Knits knitting for a few weeks now. Since then I’ve been working on new patterns for WORK+SHELTER, the woman’s shelter in India I’ve been working with.


Knit Boxes Stitch Pattern

Eyelet Stitch Pattern

They are kind of a study in stitch patterns. It’s been fun figuring out which stitch patterns look good knit up in which size needles, and if the cowl is folded or larger, what stitch pattern looks good from the front and the back.

But mostly it’s just been a lot of knitting fingering weight yarn on size 6 needles while watching episode after episode of Gilmore Girls.

Tea Dyed Yarn

Katie Canavan, designer of Holla Knits Finishing School and my good friend has come on board with the project and has been experimenting with tea dying for a future yarn lines and yarn used in the shelter. It’s beautiful, right? It’s pretty amazing that you can get such great natural colors from soaking yarn with tea.

More on all of this soon of course. But for right now I’m back to my tiny needles and my Gilmore Girls!

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