Way back on February 15th I shared pictures of the very beginning of a WORK+SHELTER Lace Striped Winter Sweater I had started for myself in between Holla Knits projects. It was my go to traveling project for like 6 weeks when I wasn’t really traveling anywhere, so it sat for a really long time.

Red Winter Lace Striped Sweater

Until last week when I discovered I was about 10 days ahead of my Holla Knits schedule. With nothing lined up at the time I looked around confused until I looked under my coffee table and dug out a very hairy 4″ of sweater.

So Cute, Right?

I brushed it off and got down to knitting. After all those damn Holla Knits sweaters knit up in size 4s it was AMAZING to knit with worsted weight wool and size 9s. I don’t even feel like I tried that hard, then magically I bound it off and had this adorable sweater! The winter issue of Holla Knits is going to be a breeze.

Stripes and Lace and Cute and Cozy

It makes me happy that it’s gotten cold again, because I’m living in this baby until it’s straight up 70 degrees and I’m on the brink of heat stroke. And better yet? This was all stash yarn! I had the majority of a sweater design that didn’t work out that I had to rip out, but I can’t even remember that disappointment anymore because of how cute this sweater turned out!


** Insert chat about how amazing this pattern is. Since it’s mine I don’t want to toot my own horn too much. **

Pattern: WORK+SHELTER Lace Striped Sweaters, Winter by Allyson Dykhuizen

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool

Needles: Size 9 24″ and 16″ circs

Ravelry Project Page

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