It’s the calm before the storm around here! I’m gearing up to launch Holla Knits on the 16th, so I’ve got all the samples knit up and am just putting on finishing touches, ironing, and sitting on the computer a TON, scheduling a blog tour, writing a TON of blog posts and write ups in preparation for launch day. Break time has been Delancey Cardigan knitting!

Delancey Blocking Away!

As you can see I’ve been making a lot of time for breaks! I’ve got the bottom band and entire collar finished up. My Delancey is blocking and looking super sexy, if I do say so myself.

And the Back is Looking Hot, Too!

I slid it on while it was still pretty wet because I couldn’t help myself, and I think it is going to be the perfect size! The colors look fantastic, and I can’t wait to dig out some buttons and finish this sweater up.


See what I did to the bottom band? I jazzed it up a little by adding a stripe of contrasting color. Why not?!

Buttons soon, and then I’ll be showing off this hot sweater FO soon!