I can’t believe it! After over two months of working on our Delancey Cardigans, our knit along is almost over. This week we are tackling both the lower border, button band AND collars of our sweaters. Sound like a lot? It kind of is! But you’ve got two weeks to finish your sweater completely in order to qualify for our knit along giveaway, so we should be calling this SOL KAL Weeks 8-9.

Joyatee's Delancey

What? You didn’t know there was a giveaway associated with this knit along? Well there is! Email me a picture or post a picture on our Delancey Cardigan FO forum page before Sunday April 15th for a chance to win a pattern of your choice from Alexis Winslow! Fun right? A little added motivation to weave in all those ends never hurts!

Gwen's Delancey

So this week we are picking up a ton of stitches! Around the bottom of your sweater for the lower edge, then picking up stitches all around the front and neck edge for the collar and button band. Practice makes perfect!

Courtney's Delancey

This Week’s Delancey Cardigan Goal: Finish your sweater! This includes the lower edge, the collar, and the button band. Then you’ll weave in all those ends, add buttons, and block to get a perfect fit. A LOT? Yes. But remember! You’ve got until April 15th, another whole week, to get all this finished. So don’t panic! You can do it. It’s all garter stitch anyway, right? Easy peasy!

My Mom's Delancey

Email me questions or ask them on the forum! And be sure to email me your FO sweater or post it on our FO forum page to enter to win a pattern from Alexis Winslow!

Happy knitting!