After two weeks of sleeve knitting you are an old pro, right? And I bet you can guess what we are doing this week. That is right! Finishing the final sleeve of out almost totally finished Delancey Cardigan! I know sleeve knitting has slowed because it’s a little mind numbing, but we are in the final stretch! Put on a movie you love and push through!

Lily's Delancey

This Week’s Delancey Cardigan Goal: Finish your second sleeve. Yeah, it’s a little painful, but you can see that the end is near! And next week we get to do something completely different. There is a silver lining!

Nola's Delancey

Email me questions or ask them on the forum! And be sure to share sleeve progress pics!

Courtney's Delancey

Happy knitting!

My Mom's Delancey

Laura's Delancey