So I finished up this week’s Delancey Cardigan knit along assignment and just as I was setting up to shoot it I encountered an obstacle.

Fat Cat

In the form of my gigantic cat Pudge Rodriguez. It would be rude to move her (since, you know, she doesn’t sleep 22 hours a day or anything) so I just kind of worked around her.

One sleeve finished, and the second sleeve started! Pudge obviously approves.

Second Sleeve Start! ... and Pudge

The short rows for the second sleeve went a lot faster than the first. I might attribute that to Rob Lowe. I just started watching Brothers & Sisters, and despite it being a pretty boring show about a bunch of rich white people, Rob Lowe is SUPER HOT in it, and everything is a little easier when you are watching him being sexy and adorable.

I digress. Wait, I DO NOT DIGRESS!


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