I hope you are ready to separate for the sleeves of your Delancey Cardigan, because somehow at only week three of our knit along, that is where we find ourselves! And just when we started getting use to the pattern.

Laura's Delancey

This Week’s Delancey Cardigan Goal: Finish the Right Front section, and get about half way through the Back.

Jessica's Delancey

This is pretty much universal for all sizes and variations. You’ll be picking up at the Divide for Armholes section that has you working the right front of your sweater first. Feel free to slide the rest of your sweater on to a long piece of scrap yarn if that makes it easier for you, or leave those sts on your circular needles and work the right front on straight needles. I always just leave all the sts on my needles because they don’t bother me, but make it easy for yourself in whatever way you’d like.

Jillian's Delancey

Once you are finished with the right front, you’ll want to continue to the Center Back section, and get about half way done with the back this week, or somewhere in the row 135-145 range, depending on what size you are working.

Amy's Delancey

Remember to keep track of your rows and striping! There really is no other way to figure out where you are in the pattern if you get lost.

Courtney's Delancey

After this week your sweater is going to start actually looking like a sweater. Exciting! Email me pics or share them on the forum. Questions? You can email me those, too, or ask them on the forum.

And I’ve got a ton of pictures to show off! Here are even more:

Jamie's Delancey

My Mom's Delancey!

Emily's Delancey

Stefanie's Delancey