My brother Adam is a big child, in the best sense. His favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard. His favorite actor is Sylvester Stalone. Star Wars ranks pretty high on his list of favorite things ever. Thus, his Christmas present.

Ridiculous He Is!

I tried to get one of the cats to pose with him, but I’m pretty sure they’re terrified of him. And for good reason! He looks like a little demon in a robe.

Kind Of Scared You Are!

I had to do a little modifying for the face, so he doesn’t look as much like Yoda as the original pattern called for. The pattern had you knit eyelids and kind of glue the safety eyes to the insides of the eyelid part. I knew that babies would be playing with him, so I didn’t want eyes that would be relatively easy for a child to pull out. So I ended up seaming the eyelids in place, and putting the safety eyes right into the head. I think it still works!

Fully Clothed He Is!

This pattern had like 3150931 parts! From four sections of feet to the belt to the toe nails, he was a pain in the ass to make! But the pattern is spectacular. Really thorough with tons of step by step pictures and clear directions.  I’d recommend you  not need to finish this in a weekend. At some point I blacked out and seamed a sleeve in as the hood. It got ugly. But he’s done and on time!

I can’t wait to knit up one of Phoeny’s other amazing designs. Dobby! Knitting sheep! Harry Hopper!

Pattern: Yodi the Jelly Master by Phoeny

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease in Green, Linen, and Coffee

Needles: Size 6 dpns and straights

Ravelry Project Page

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