I headed up from Chicago to Michigan last Monday with nothing on my to do list but knitting, snuggling babies, watching football, and eating for a week, and that is exactly what I did.

Baby Ryenn

My new niece Baby Ryenn is getting cuter by the second. She was pretty damn cute when she was born in July, but LOOK AT THAT FACE!

Baby Nolan!

And speaking of faces you just want to kiss off, Baby Nolan is too cute for words, too. And he is all running around and feeding himself! And he finally has hair! It’s a Thanksgiving miracle!


Since those babies were born, knitting time in Michigan has severely diminished, but I did get a head start on my Snow Day projects! I saw this pattern in the Knit Picks catalog and just had to have it, so I ordered the entire kit. All NINE skeins of  Palette and the pattern. The Snow Day pattern is full of adorable tiny projects that need to be on my Christmas tree, and they could not be more fun to make. Six sweaters, a penguin, a sled, a felted gingerbread man, tree lights, and a string of popcorn. Three down, eight to go!

Short Row Sweater Progress... ?

And it’s hard to tell what the hell is going on with my Short Row Sweater, but progress is being made! I ran into problems with the stitch counts after separating for my sleeves, so if you are working this pattern just ignore them. The instructions for what you are doing is right despite the stitch counts being wrong. I wrote more specifically about what is wrong on my ravelry project page.

Oh! I almost forgot!


A huge thank you to everyone that entered my Wool and the Gang Snood Dogg knit kit giveaway last week! The lucky winner is Lily of The Owl and The Bee! This makes me even more jealous because now I’ll have to see it all the time! You lucky bitch!

I’m in and out of Chicago this week. I got back into town yesterday and I’m Megabus-ing to Minneapolis Thursday for No Coast Craft-o-Rama this weekend. It’s going to be a crazy couple of weeks over here!

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