I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how we are going to work the sleeves because there are a lot of options! And, like with the whole sweater, you can work the Aidez sleeves in your favorite sleeve knitting method, but I’m going to be working my sleeves two at a time. For me this eliminates second sleeve syndrome and guarantees that I have two identical sleeves no matter what. This is awesome for a girl who hates to count!

Amy's Aidez

If you’ve never knit both sleeves at the same time before, I can’t recommend it highly enough, and it’s super easy! I created a video you can take a peek at here, otherwise I’m going to walk you through it!

Stacie's Aidez

The Aidez instructions have you start your sleeves by casting on 33 sts. Cast these stitches on just like normal, then slide these stitches down your needle and, with a second skein of yarn, cast on these stitches again. You now have two skeins of yarn attached to your needle on two sets of 33 sts.

Rachel's Aidez

You will then continue working the pattern just like it’s written, only on both sets of stitches. Rib across the first 33 sts, slide that sleeve down the needle, slide your second sleeve into place and rib across the second 33 sts. It’s just that easy!

Emily's Aidez

HOT TIP: Don’t stop in between your sleeves! When you start a row, finish that row on both the sleeves! It’s really hard to figure out which sleeve you should be working if you stop between them.

This Week’s Make Up Your Mind Goal: Get 9” of both sleeves knit up. That is 3” of rib and 6” of sleeves in pattern. Good thing I love that Seed Wishbone pattern so much!

And keep track of your increases! You’ll be hitting a couple of these as you work this week, depending on the size you are making: “Inc 1 st each side every 4½(3½-2¼-2-1½-1¼)” 3(4-6-7-9-10) times – 40(42-46-48-52-54) sts.”

There are a few reviews on Ravelry about the sleeves being too tight, so if you are planning on wearing this sweater over a few layers, bump up your sleeve size to compensate.

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