(Hey! It’s a thing! I never publish my work in progress posts on Wednesdays. It’s a Thanksgiving miracle!)

I know you are probably having a slow day in the office, just ticking down the minutes until you get to leave work and enjoy your long weekend of giving thanks. I’m in Michigan right now snuggling puppies and babies, but I couldn’t leave you hanging. My needles are going to look pretty bare, compared to what they have been looking like lately, but here’s what I’ve got cooking.

Glittery Short Row Sweater

And I might as well start with my most guiltiest knit. If you follow me on twitter you probably saw me start freakishly obsessing over Purl Bee‘s new sweater pattern, the Short Row Sweater. I got in my head that I needed it in Knit Picks new yarn Stroll Glitter, and before I knew it the yarn was on it’s way. I cast the sweater on (all, like, 380 stitches!) a couple weeks ago and haven’t been working on it too much because I feel guilty every time! I’m saving it for when I’m home for Thanksgiving and can’t work on anyone’s Christmas presents.

Vauge Striped Stockinette Stitch? YES!

I’m making progress with my unnamed stockinette stitch something or other.


And does this look familiar? I knit two of these Baby Sheep Hats already, and they turned out so cute that since I’ve got three pregnant ladies in my life right now I might as well knit three more. I’m knitting all the hat parts first, then knitting all the faces and tails and ears. Baby Sheep Hat assembly line might be the cutest assembly line in the history of assembly lines. And being from Michigan I KNOW my assembly lines!

Ruffle Rose Pillow #2!

I might as well sneak an FO in here at the end! I finally finished my second Ruffle Rose Pillow! It’s a mirror image of the first one I crocheted – one pound of Caron Pound of Love, one 16″ circular pillow form. And it turned out just as amazing as the first one.

See? Despite these selfish projects I keep managing to pick up, I’m getting my holiday knitting done! And I didn’t even tell you about my new obsession! … shit.

Have a great Thanksgiving, Americans! Don’t eat so much that you can’t knit!