I whipped through the back of this sweater so fast that it feels like I finished it forever ago! I miss working on Aidez and it’s only been a few days.

Back Finished!

Sides are saved on waste yarn and the back is finished and ready to attach to whatever it needs to be attached to. Sadly, this marks the end of the center back trellis cable pattern.

OOHH Beautiful Trellis!

I’ll remember you fondly, trellis pattern. RIP. Until I finally finish this sweater and wear Aidez every day!

Also, I was lucky enough to be featured in two of my favorite blogs this week! Amy the Threadpanda asked me for a guest post, and I wrote about how I don’t like knitting socks, much to her chagrin. And Julie at Knitted Bliss featured my Summer Turban modification on her Modification Monday post this week. Check out these fun posts! And a huge thank you to Amy and Julie for their kind words!