I finished my first sheep hat a couple weeks ago, and knit through the second one a few days ago.


I paid a lot more attention to the pattern this time, because my stitch count was consistently off last time, and there is an extra stitch at the end of a few of the hat stitch pattern rows. Nothing remotely important, but it’s always nice to prove to yourself that you aren’t crazy and terrible at knitting!

Last time I used size 6 dpns for the face, and this time I used size 4s. I LOVE it with the smaller face! I attached him a little crooked, which I also love. Highly recommend this modification!

This hat is off to my high school friend Shannon, who is cooking up her THIRD baby! She also happens to be the commissioner of my fantasy football league, so taking time off from talking shit about our fantasy teams and being able to send her an adorable baby hat was a nice change.

Pattern: Sheep Baby Hat from 60 Quick Baby Knits, pattern by Renee Lorin

Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Worsted in White, Dublin, and Squirrel Heather

Needles: Size 7 16″ circular and DPNs, and size 4 DPNs for face

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