I first shared the Ruffle Rose Pillow project a couple weeks ago, and then the project stalled. Between needing to finish the wedding shrug and then getting caught up in the Vogue Sweater disaster, it just hit the sidelines.

Velma and Ruffle Rose Pillow

I picked the pillow back up this week and finished it! After getting through that ruffle on the front, the back was a breeze, and it came together around a 16″ pillow frame really quickly.


It looks fantastic, if I do say so myself. I’ve got two more pillows to make before Christmas, but this pattern is going to stay in my queue so I can make a few for myself. They feel awesome, it’s a great size, and looks really cool.

Yarn Suck!

I used all but about 5 yards of the white Caron One Pounder I picked up on sale at JoAnn! The pillow takes up a comical amount of yarn. The tiny ball of yarn I had left after I got done seaming was pretty ridiculous.

Even The Back Is Awesome

The ruffle part is only on the front of the pillow, but even the increases all lined up in sections on the back of the pillow looks cool, and because of the sizing of the front and back, you can see the front is ruffly.

I love this project, and better yet? The pattern is easy to read and correct, unlike what I’ve been use to dealing with. One pillow down, two to go!

Pattern: Ruffle Rose Pillow by Tracie Barrett

Hook: Size G

Yarn: Caron One Pound in white

Ravelry Project Page