When I made this Wedding Shrug in January I followed the pattern, Chocolate Shrug, exactly. The shrug turned out great and made the bride very happy! She hired me to knit it for her, though, so I didn’t know her personally. I’ve been friends with Rachel, who is getting married next weekend, for many years, so customizing the pattern to get something similar but more to what I think she’s like was easy.

Wedding Shrug Take 2

Not that she’ll notice. And who am I kidding, really? I said back in January I wasn’t going to knit anything with mohair ever again, so I just wanted to get from cast on to bind off as fast as possible. The mods, though, turned out fantastically, and mohair and I have finally come to an understanding.

Stripes and Yarn Overs

I cleaned up the pattern by eliminating the cables, leaving a beautiful, subtle striping across the shrug, and only repeated rows 1-8 of the chart pattern. The first shrug I knit had some messy places, because the random yarn over pattern doesn’t really translate through mohair. The simple yarn over Vs are beautiful, so I just made a ton of those.

Yarn Over Vs and Stripes

The mohair hates complications, so by keeping it simple the shrug looks clean and beautiful and classic, if I do say so myself.

Pretty Shrug!

Knit Picks Aloft is fantastic, like I was saying next week. Me hatting mohair has nothing to do with this yarn. I just don’t like fuzzy, tiny yarn! I’ll be turning to Aloft for all my future mohair needs, of which I hope there are none.

My dress is cute, right? My friend Tara gave it to me last week and I’ve been dying to wear it! This might be my only opportunity before spring so I had to jump at the chance!

Pattern: Chocolate Shrug by Katya Gorbacheva

Yarn: Knit Picks Aloft in white

Needles: Size 7s

Ravelry Project Page

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