It takes a while to truly appreciate things. They come into your life, and you get use to it being around, and then it’s gone and you’re left with Rocket Power and you’re like, WHA?! Repeat this process for everything that was awesome in the 90s that was replaced with something way less cool in the 2000s. TLC -> Pussycat Dolls?! Hangin’ With Mr Cooper -> Super Nanny?! Barf.

What better way to celebrate the 90s than with a toilet paper cozy? And what more hilariously iconic cartoon character to keep your toilet paper safe than the lovable Krumm from Nickelodeon’s Aaahh!!! Real Monsters?

So turn on some Ace of Base, pull out your crochet hook, and get cracking on a project that’s sure to get laughs from everyone you invite into your house until the end of time.


Teeth! Blue Lips! Terrifying!

Finished Size This cozy will fit over a double roll of toilet paper, and can be easily customizable by adding or subtracting increase rows at the top and crocheting more or less length.


Protecting Your Toilet Paper!

Yarn Any worsted weight yarn in cream (MC – 150 yds), and very small amounts of light blue, white, and black. I used Loops & Threads Impeccable, 100% acrylic; 268yds/128g: Heather for my MC.

Hook Size G (4 mm) crochet hook.

Notions Small amount of stuffing for eye ball arms, and a tapestry needle.


Not important.


Back Stitch With your tapestry needle threaded with black, bring your needle and thread up from the back to the front of your work. Put the needle back down through your work about half an inch away from where you started. Bring your needle back up another half inch away from where you went down, in a line. Pull your yarn through. Put the needle back down in the same spot you did before, working backwards to complete your stitch and make a clean line.

Working Hard

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