This is the first week it’s actually looking like I’m working on sweaters. There is enough body coverage now to check fit and get a feel for how these knits are going to look on. It’s always motivating when you can see a sweater forming, and god knows we all needed extra motivation this week. Hindu Pillar stitch? Holy balls.

Hindu Pillar? More like SUCK PILLAR! Am I right?!

It’s beautiful, yes. And I know I’ve had pain in my hands from knitting in the past, so maybe they are just overly sensitive, but this stitch hurt. Julie, our lovely Make Up Your Mind designer, commented this week that she didn’t think the Hindu Pillar stitch was annoying at all. Yes, it’s slower, but the real problem I had with it is that it was HARD to purl 3 sts together, then work into those three stitches again.

Make Up Your Mind Tank Progress So Far

Worth it, though? Absolutely. I’m in love. I’m more in love that I thought I’d be, even. It’s truly stunning. Julie’s pics are beautiful, but they don’t do it justice. The more I knit it the more beautiful it gets and the more I want to wear it. 3 more weeks can’t come soon enough!

Tummy Panel!

My The Loop Entrelac Tank is shaping up, too! This week’s goal was to knit half of the tummy panel, and I’ve got it. I love starting with a small number of stitches and working my way up. It makes me feel like I’m making real progress.

I’m starting to get nervous that it’s going to be too small! I went down a size – from the 36 to the 32, because I wanted a tighter fit, but I think it’s going to be TOO tight. Some aggressive blocking will be necessary regardless. Or a serious diet.

Some Kick Ass Seaming, If I Do Say So Myself

Not to toot my own horn here, but this bit of designing is pretty good. From the naked eye you couldn’t pick out a seam here, so it just looks like some crazy short row YO shaping. I love it. Reading my own pattern instructions here I kept thinking: Damn girl, you might just be a designer. That’s a pretty good feeling.

Knit up a sweaty storm this weekend! Throw your knitting in your picnic baskets and have a great 4th.