So I’ve been talking about these body necklaces I made for Renegade Brooklyn over the past few weeks but I hadn’t gotten around to doing a photo shoot to show them off until last week when I put them in my Etsy shop.

Without further ado I give you THE BODY NECKLACE!

Body Necklace Style

You  may recognize this Built By Wendy Mini Dress I made last May! It’s a great dress for a body necklace because it’s got a high neckline and is A-line, so works great with a belt.

Here is the body necklace worn as a body necklace – tied around my neck and around my waist like a belt AND a necklace!

And From the Back

I made long ties so each end ties comfortably behind your head and back. This is a size small, which fits up to a 36″ waist. There is a lot of tie left over! Size large has longer ties to fit up to a 56″ waist.

Body Necklace Belt Style

Here it is tied around my waist like a belt! Pretty cute belt, right? It’s a little less adventurous than the Body Necklace style but just as awesome.

Body Necklace Necklace Style

And if you want to just add a little jazz so an outfit, you can tie it around your neck and wear it as a necklace! The ties can be tied for a long necklace, like I’ve got here, or for a shorter necklace.

There you have it! It’s a pretty versatile piece of jewelry. And lucky for you they weren’t remotely popular in Brooklyn so as you can see I’ve got a ton in a bunch of different colors in my Etsy shop.