Things have been quiet around here on the knitting front, but despite my mad carpel tunnel I have been knitting up a little storm for Renegade Brooklyn, which kicks of in less than a month.

Hello Sailor!

These Hello Sailor Knot Necklaces should look familiar – they have been around for a while and are a favorite. A lot of icord? Hellz yeah. I’ve got 7 main colors I’m working with for the majority of my knits and kits for summer and I LOVE them. I can’t wait to start wearing these knits around myself.

Hello Sailor Knot... BRACELET?!

These should not look familiar! New this summer is the Hello Sailor Knot Bracelet – a super chunky fun bracelet using the same knot in the necklace, only, you know, bracelet-ized.


So yeah I was basically icording for 3 weeks straight. But worth it! I’m in love with these bracelets.

Cabled Change Purses

An oldie but a goodie, my Cabled Change Purse pattern is making a comeback! In all my bright summer colors I think they are so fun, and once I get zippers and linings for these little purses they are going to be even cuter.

Crochet Body Necklaces

And these?! Well, they are new, too. I’ll chat more about these later. Ohh body necklace cock tease!

So I’ve been a busy lady! As far as knitting and designing for Renegade I’m 95% finished.  I’ve got a TON of sewing and packing and organizing and tagging to do once I get back to Minneapolis, but I’m on pace to have a really great Renegade!