I’m not into Valentine’s Day for relationships. Like, PT and I just used it as an excuse to eat more. At home. In our PJs.

But I love having an excuse to give some love to some of my favorite ladies, so last week I knit up a few We’re Just That Awesome Cup Cozies for my family.

Mom's Cozy

My mom’s favorite color is green so I broke into some Knit Picks Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn in Canopy for her, and threw on a big yellow button.

Grandma's Cup Cozy

For my grandma I used some leftover Patons Kroy Sock yarn from Nestor the Long Eared Donkey and some cute light pink floral buttons.

Emily's Cup Cozy

And while my sister in law, Emily, is not only nursing Baby Nolan and can’t drink caffeine, but she is preggers to boot! But I didn’t want to leave her out so I knit one up for her in some leftover Knit Picks Gloss Fingering yarn in Grape, which, I’m now seeing, is a discontinued color. I figure it can be for tea or hot chocolate or something, right?

Ready to Roll Out!

I really enjoy knitting these little guys! Finding yarn scraps is fun. Finding buttons is fun!

Instant Valentine!

I stuck them in envelopes, cut out hearts from a floral advertisement, put them in a big envelope, and mailed them off!

I’ve enjoyed knitting these so much I added a few to my etsy shop. Check them out!

You can see these Cup Cozy FOs on their Rav pages here: Grandma. Mom. Emily!

Did you get anything rad for Valentine’s Day?

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