How fun is it when our sweaters overlap? This week both Beatnik and The Two Boyfriends Cardigan will both be tackling sleeves – more sleeves for The Two Boyfriends Cardigan, since they started their first sleeve last week.

Sleeves are hand knit sweater killers. Sweater patterns generally start at the body. You’re excited about the pattern, you’re loving your yarn and pattern and rolling through it.

But then you start your first sleeve. And it’s boring. And LONG. And you’ve got to knit another one?!

With The Two Boyfriends Cardigan, luckily with your second sleeve you are knitting with different colors. You can trick yourself into thinking its another piece entirely!

Beatnik knitters are going to try another tactic. Knitting both sleeves at once!

Keep emailing me or posting questions on our rav forum, sending me pictures, and, above all, knitting!


Ginger4's Beatnik!

First of all, congrats on finishing the body of your sweater! I know that when I finished my body I wanted to be wearing my sweater PRONTO! And the biggest thing standing between me and wearing Beatnik every day for the rest of my life are these pesky sleeves.

This Weeks Beatnik Goal: Working both sleeves at the same time, you want to get about 8″ of both sleeves finished this week. The sleeves measure about 12″ to underarm, and after you bind off for the sleeve cap you’ve got about 5-6″ to go. So if you knock off 8″ of sleeve this week, you can finish up the sleeves next week no problem!

If you’ve never knit two sleeves at once, I made this video explaining how to do it. It’s a lifesaver!

(Naturally, we’ve got two weeks to finish knitting these sleeves, so knitting one sleeve this week and one sleeve next week would make sense. I cannot suggest strongly enough you knit these sleeves at the same time.)

The Two Boyfriends Cardigan

Gillian's Two Boyfriend Cardi!

One sleeve down, one to go!

My Mom's Two Boyfriend!

This Weeks Two Boyfriends Cardigan Goal: Knit your second sleeve!

Ann's Two Boyfriend!

You did this once, you can do it again! Luckily you are switching up the sleeve color so SOMETHING changes. But, just like you did with sleeve number 1, slide those stitches back on your needles and go to town.


Post pics and/or questions on our Ravelry Knit Along forum, email them to me, or tweet them with #solknitalong so I can show them off next week.

Happy knitting!