I talked a lot about the benefits of knitting two sleeves at once last week with my Charvet Pullover. If I hadn’t knit both my sleeves at once I would have run out of yarn with nothing to do but get more. Instead I could ration my yarn and make appropriate changes  to both sleeves. I not have to buy more yarn or, worse yet, pull out a finished sleeve to figure out how to save myself yarn a second time around.

Even when I know I have enough yarn I knit two sleeves at once. I’m not good at counting rows, or inches for that matter, so no matter where I make my sleeve or armhole shaping, I’ll have two identical sleeves when I bind off, and that is all that really matters.

And sleeves take forever! As a person who has very little patience for knitting two identical pieces, knitting two sleeves at once saves me from knitting a sleeve and having to cast the same stupid piece on and do it again. This way once you are done with the sleeves you are DONE and ready to move on to something entirely new.

Sweatshop in HD – holla! PT is getting good, right? He got some fancy new editing software and really went to town.

I’ve explained quite a few times, both by email and in class, how knitting two sleeves at the same time works, but it never sits until you SEE it. I hope this helps, and saves you from your own knitting disaster.

And Beatnik knit alongers take special note! We will be knitting our sleeves at the same time!