I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I made it home without a hitch, despite all my calling for the travel day from hell, and am enjoying a few days in Michigan with the family before flying back to Minneapolis on Wednesday.

How were your gifts received?! I was overjoyed with the response to my amigurumis! Everyone loved them and thought they were so funny and awesome. Allyson win!

Ok, now down to business! I’m SO excited to announce two Winter Knit Alongs! We’ve all been knitting gifts for months, so it’s time to knit for ourselves!

Sweater #1: The Two Boyfriends Cardigan

The Two Boyfriends Cardigan

This cardigan is from my Hello Winter Ebook of knitting patterns. It’s on the simpler side – top down cardigan with no major shaping or stitch patterns. This would be great for a knitter with only a few sweaters under her belt, or for a knitter who needs a break from hard core, complicated knitting patterns.

Knit in Knit Picks Merino Style, this sweater is, of course, an affordable knit. You’ll need 4 (5, 6, 6, 7) skeins of your main color, pictured in Fedora, and 3 (3, 4, 4, 5) skeins of each contrasting color, pictured in Moss and Dusk. You can use any DK weight yarn, though! Or bump it up to worsted an just make sure to check your gauge to get the right size.

Sweater #2: Beatnik


Published in this past fall’s knitty, Beatnik has been on the minds of a ton of my students since it was published. I talked about it back in October as a future must knit. And the future is now, because this is the sweater I will be knitting along with everyone. I’m SO excited!

The sweater calls for a wool-free recycled yarn, Berroco Remix, which is beautiful but I’m going to use the Knit Picks City Tweed DK that I absolutely fell in LOVE with when I used it for my Bergen Street Cardigan. It’s a DK weight and the sweater calls for worsted, but I think it will be fine.

I’m going to knit the 36″ size, which calls for 1296 yards. I’m going to order 12 skeins of the City Tweed DK in Romance, which comes to $51.48 and qualifies for free shipping! This is 1476 yards, so I’ll have some wiggle room in case I have to knit a larger size to get the right gauge. This will also the most expensive sweater I’ve ever knit myself, so I better not mess it up.

How This is Going To Work

I’ve broken both of these sweaters down to 8 parts, and each part will be each week’s goal. Every Monday I’ll post progress pictures and reveal the next section of sweater to knit for the week. In 8 weeks you should have a sweater! I think this will be a ton of fun and this pace will be really doable for even the busiest knitter.

So email me or comment here to get on the knit along mailing list! Let me know what sweater you’ll be knitting! I’ll be sending out emails with updates every Monday, along with my knit along blog posts. You’ll be able to email me your updates, comment on the knit along blog posts, and tweet your updates using #solknitalong.

What’s first?! GET YARN! We will be starting two weeks from today, Monday January 10th, so you’ve got time to order yarn or go out and buy yarn and have your needles ready for our first week of knitting.

This is going to be so fun! I can’t wait to knit a long with all of you. So start shopping for yarn and get ready to knit on January 10th!