On Saturday, PT moved back to the Midwest from New York City. He came with gifts. If he wouldn’t have come with gifts he would have had to sleep outside.

Coconut Bagel with Peanut Butter from The Bagel Shop

Remember how when I was in New York City this August all I ate were bagels? PT brought me 16 bagels from The Bagel Shop! I will cherish every one.

PT in Our New Minneapolis Kitchen!

Soon after bagels we drove north to Minneapolis to drop of PT’s stuff and check out our new apartment. Here is the kitchen, with it’s tetris-like built in cabinets! There is another cabinet on the right there on the left, flanking the entrence to the kitchen. It’s weird, man!

Old Fashioned Bathroom

The bathroom is sunny and OLD! And the only way to get to the bathroom is through the bedroom or a huge closet connecting the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. It is just super weird! But in a fun, quaint way. It’s a corner unit so there are windows everywhere. It’s really clean and in great shape. It’s on the second floor of a 34 unit building so we are sure to make friends, right?!

Sunrise over Wisconsin

We took an early MegaBus (which was awesome, by the way! Not like the Fung Wah fiasco) back to Chicago Tuesday morning. We sat on the top in the very front so I got some really pretty shots of the sunrise with our new camera. The new camera that I’m absolutely in love with. PT and I have been playing with it a ton since we got it and getting pretty good at it.

Travel Knitting

With all that traveling comes a whole lot of knitting. This is a holiday present knit, so more about this later. I did knit about 22″ of sweater on that trip, though! Huge progress.

So we are all set to move in the first weekend in December! And that is right around the corner, so I have to start deciding what is going to stay in Chicago and what is coming with me to Minneapolis for a few months. It’s real now. I saw it with my own eyes.

The next couple months are going to be crazy, y’all!

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