The first thing I say to all beginner knitters is DO NOT KNIT A SCARF! Because all beginner knitters think they have to be in some kind of knitting purgatory where they are only allowed to knit scarves.

A scarf is the quickest way to kill a beginner knitter. They are long and boring and it’s really hard to keep your edges straight when you are first learning so they always end up looking real wonky.

Or, more often than not, they end up sitting, 8″ done, on your only needles in the corner forever; effectively ending your life as a knitter.

But sometimes you need a scarf. Or sometimes your favorite person ever just really wants a scarf. And then you  have to suck it up and knit a damn scarf.

Long, Striped, and Won't Make You Want to Kill Yourself

This pattern is the only way I scarf. No purling. No wonky edges, especially since any edge mistakes are covered up by fringe. Big needles and big yarn. Cast it on, punch it out. No killing. No anger. Quick and dirty.

You get the idea.


Finished Measurements: One size, approximately 6’ long and 8” wide.


Yarn About 600 yards of any worsted weight yarn in two colors.

Needles Size 10 (6 mm): At least 24″ circular (cir).


Gauge is not important in this project. Seriously. If anyone asks me about a gauge I’m going to lose it.

Easy Striped Scarf Pattern

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Knit a scarf. Don’t want to kill yourself. Win win.

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