So last year was my first Minnesota State Fair experience and I was, of course, anxious for a repeat appearance.

Minnesota State fair Mini Donuts

Mainly I was just excited to eat mini donuts. SERIOUSLY HOW DO THEY MAKE THEM TASTE LIKE THAT?! GODDAMN!

Topical Crop Art

Rooster Bike!

Sheep Needs a Haircut

Monday Afternoon Fair Crowd

Last year we went to the fair on a chilly weekend and it was nuts; all of Minnesota was there! This year we went on a 90 degree Monday. It was still nuts. We got there around 11, just in time for second breakfast, and left around 6, STUFFED AND SICK, like we should have been.

Knitting at Minnesota State Fair

The knitting was underwhelming, like last year. Lots of boring knits in boring colors on super scary manikins. This sweater was the big winner and really lovely, however bland the color choices.

Amigurumi Burger is Sweet!

This Guy Exists

If I end up in Minnesota you can bet your ass I’m starting a Minnesota State Fair fashion blog. It will be glorious.


Minnesota State Fair 2010 success? Absolutely! If I had a week to live I would eat cheese curds and mini donuts for every meal. Well. Meals don’t really exist at the Minnesota State Fair so I would just constantly have cheese curds and mini donuts brought to me, alternately, every hour.

The people watching! The food! The animals! The freak shows! It’s all amazing. I’m already excited for 2011.