My New York City stay came to an end Sunday, and I’m sitting in St Paul Minnesota as I type. I said goodbye to New York in style!

Knitting in McCarren Park

With lots of knitting and reading in the park. Restlessness was setting in big with long afternoons by myself and I couldn’t be inside at all.

French Toast Bagel from The Bagel Store in Williamsburg

With lots of bagels. I must have cream cheese coursing through my veins after these couple weeks.

Indian Food Feast

With my first ever Indian feast!

Washington Square Park

With some hanging out in Washington Square Park.

Sand Art in Washington Square Park

Little Italy

With lots of walking! We even stumbled upon Little Italy. The funniest part about Manhattan is how one street is all business, but the next block turns into a theme park.

I’ve been gone for a day and I already miss it. But I’m glad I’m not there anymore at the same time. I miss the energy and the options on every corner, but I can hear myself think for the first time in a month. I’m breathing fresh air and sitting on a couch. No mice, y’all!

It’s hard. Maybe there is no perfect place to live. I think I’ll ponder this over… MINI DONUTS AT THE MINNESOTA STATE FAIR! GAH!