There is nothing like a pre-trip trip! A week before I take off on my Midwestern/NYC Summer Tour, Rachel, Tara, Katie and I drove up to Milwaukee for the weekend!

Bloody Mary and Chaser at Commet Cafe Milwaukee WI

With Bacon!

You know you did something right when all your pictures are of food. We stopped at Comet Cafe for enormous amounts of delicious food.

Darts at The Swingin' Door

We ate lunch and played darts at The Swingin’ Door, easily the coolest bar in all of Milwaukee.

Brewers Game at Miller Park!

Free Aprons!

Pudge Rodriguez!

We went to Miller Park for a Brewers game and got to say hi to my kitty Pudge Rodriguez‘s namesake, who is now playing for the Nationals.

Cutest Date Ever

Run Chorizo Run!

Thanks, Milwaukee, for being such an amazing host! Weekends like this just cement my undying love of the Midwest. And it was a great way to spend some time with my favorite ladies before I run away for a while. Yay amazing weekend!