All summer I’m going to feature guest bloggers talking about knitting and other crafty pursuits. Last week Jeanna talked about her adventures in knitting, and today I’ve got Marissa from the fun fashion blog Marissa Explains It All. Not only does she rock some sweet store-bought style, she works her own handmade pieces into her everyday wardrobe, too.

To inspire us I asked her to share a couple of her handmade dresses styled in different ways. Because once you make something you want to wear it as often as possible!


Hey bloggers! I’m Marissa from Marissa Explains It All. I’ve been asked by Allyson do to a little guest post on The Sweatshop of Love! I was so excited when Allyson contacted me about doing a guest post on my handmade clothing that I have and how I style it. I’m newer at making my own clothing so I’m very proud of something when I first make it and try to style it as many ways as I can so I can show of my new handmade pieces!

I took two of my dresses that I’ve made (which are the easiest to make by the way, especially if there’s no sleeves!) and styled them two different ways so I can show you guys how I use the dresses with more than way.

Dress One: I made when I was still in high school close to three years ago, it was my first real piece of clothing I made on my own, and I still love it to this day. Now the dress is really summery so I wanted to show how I would wear it in the summer and in the winter. Anything you own can be styled for both seasons even though they are so different.

Handmade Dress for Summer!

For summer I wear the dress with brown leather accessories, using a brown belt that’s my grandfather’s, brown heels I thrifted and a off white bag I won through a blog giveaway with Calivintage. I love wearing this in the summer with brown it looks amazing and the colors are so perfect for the hotter weather I can still breathe!

Handmade Dress for Winter!

For winter I paired the dress with all black, even though the dress is a light color black makes it look more for winter. The tights help when its cold and so does the cardigan and boots. Add tights and a cardigan to your homemade pieces and it will make anything work in the cold weather!

Dress Two: I made this dress last semester at my university in my sewing class, it was a lot more of a challenge with inserting my first zipper, gathering, making straps and more! I’m in love with it but I picked a fabric that is a little more dressy. I wanted to show how to style a dressier outfit down for a more casual look.

Handmade Dress Looking Fancy!

This is the dress at it’s best with little accessories and heels. When wearing a dressier outfit usually there isn’t a lot of accessories needed because the dress will speak for itself, just grab some killer heels and you’re good to go!

Handmade Dress Looking Casual!

To make the dress more casual again I added a cardigan, a big purse and some switched the heels out for flats. Dressier looks always can be casual when wearing cardigans and flats it adds a more laid back look to your dressy outfit and makes it perfect for going to class or out to lunch!

I hope this helps when thinking about your next homemade piece of clothing! Go for the summer fabric or dressier fabric and remember that you can wear it all year long!

lovelove, M.


Thanks so much for taking time out to write this post, Marissa! Please show her some love by commenting and sharing her post! And be sure to click over to Marissa Explains it All and say hi!

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